Better to be dusty than polished


We get a little further from perfection,
each year on the road,
I guess that’s what they call character,
I guess that’s just the way it goes,
better to be dusty than polished,
like some store window mannequin,
why don’t you touch me where i’m rusty,
let me stain your hands.

– Ani DiFranco


Photograph: Eric Rose. Poem: Fables of the Reconstruction. Ani DiFranco Bio: Wiki


  1. She’s awesome (Ani that is)


  2. i love every word of this.


  3. Umm.. These words are HARD TO DIGEST.


  4. Nothing is more acceptable than perfection..for it allows our imperfections to be hidden by it’s overwhelming correctness. Yet, there are rusted spots in soul, broken corners with heart torn..and as we wish we were as perfect as this doesn’t help us a bit..except it delights our eyes and refreshes our minds..what more can we ask..from a beautiful display of perfection in style.

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