It is simply the chattering of the fallen mind

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Today we have more time to dwell on our problems than our ancestors ever did. Our free time is dominated by a hundred and one distractions. Thus, when we do get a free moment, the thoughts in our heads think that nothing is happening and want to move quickly to something more pressing. This leaves us with a feeling of “lack of fulfillment” which some people actually mistake for life itself, when in fact it is simply the chattering of the fallen mind. It is not more life itself than the exhaust of a bus is the bus itself.

~Archimandrite Meletios Webber



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    I can so understand, my mind doesn’t want to stop!!! TY for posting.


  2. This is very true, are we afraid of an empty mind? Great post


  3. So true David!


  4. What a compelling phrase, and such an interesting insight. (And I love the visual! 🙂 )


  5. It’s a shame we have to divide our life into occupied time and free time. For even when we have “free time” most of the time we fill it up. I like to write, there are a dozen books I’d really like to read — all kinds of things to do that will never make me “free.”


  6. A great one worth pondering in our free time.


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    A little too deep for me to get to the bottom of it. — John


  8. be still.


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    Very True! 🙂


  10. This reminds me of my mother’s frequent admonition: “The idle mind is the devil’s playhouse.”



  1. […] It is simply the chattering of the fallen mind. […]


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