John Nolan, Mountain View


“Birth date 1958. Place of birth. Dublin, Ireland. I work from a studio in Dublin City. I have been painting from an early age due to the encouragement I received from my father who was an artist. I explore colour. Colour is the subject of my paintings. I paint in the abstract form and the modern stylised form. I am influenced by many forms of art and artists. Education: I started painting and never stopped.”

~ John Nolan

See more fine art by John Nolan here. See John Nolan’s website here.


  1. I love this piece!


  2. Michael Zahaby says:

    Love it. I wish i could get a lito print of this


  3. i love his education. that is perfect. and it shows.


  4. Awesome colors! I’d hang that up in my room.


  5. I haven’t known him before, he is great artist, Thank you dear David, love, nia


  6. that’s so beautiful, so simple and still perfect in color and composition, I’m overwhelmed


  7. Sigh! An artist, my age, and Irish. Think he’s straight and single?


  8. At times I feel like do people like John Nolan know that they are admired and appreciated by so many people throughout the world? Because it feels so good to know such people. Thanks David.


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