By the quiet glow of marmalade

“I allow myself
the luxury of breakfast
(I am no nun, for Christ’s sake).
Charmed as I am
by the sputter of bacon,
and the eye-opening properties
of eggs,
it’s the coffee
that’s really sacramental.
In the old days,
I spread fires and floods and pestilence
on my toast.
Nowadays, I’m more selective,
I only read my horoscope
by the quiet glow of the marmalade.”

– Dorothea Grossman, “I Allow Myself”

marmalade 2



  1. “It’s the coffee that’s really sacramental.” Indeed…..brewing a cup of the sacred beans now… 🙂


  2. WLS – from the smell as it brews to the first sip sliding down my – nectar from the gods. And marmalade is pretty damn good too.


  3. Makes me want to go and buy some, right now!


  4. yes, mimi and david, the sacramental coffee line called out to me, i guessed you would not be surprised, and i so understand that. and i also love the slow, warm glow of the marmalade approach to life.


  5. Making coffee is a morning ritual, though the ritual has become much shorter. I used to grind the beans; now we use pre-ground coffee. I drink it with a little cream. I love the smell, the taste, the feel as it warms my throat and clears my head. Toast with marmalade and coffee is a perfect combo; crunchy, sweet and tart all meddling into one, washed down with fresh, strong coffee. Yum!

    P.s., I enjoyed ksbeth’s post.


  6. Wonderful, in so many ways. Thank you, David.


  7. Good Grief. Nuns do have fun. Coffee with that please. Tank ya.


  8. “I only read my horoscope
    by the quiet glow of the marmalade”
    I like that – something about that wants to make me laugh!! 😀


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