Half Moon Run

Half Moon Run are a Canadian indie rock band based in Montreal. The band members previously lived in British Columbia (Comox) and in Ottawa. They have have opened for such artists as Monsters & Men, Patrick Watson, Mumford & Sons and City and Color. Critical acclaim has included praise for their three-part harmonies.  Like this? Check out the group’s other major hits Full Circle and Call Me In the Afternoon which have had over 2.5 million views on Youtube. Their album titled Dark Eyes was released in July 2013 and can be found on iTunes here. The band’s official website can be found here.

“I’m going to be cheeky here and pick one band […] Half Moon Run – potentially one of the most important bands debuting an album this year. It’s progressive without being pretentious.”

~ Ben Lovett, Mumford & Sons


  1. Hurray! Let’s hear it for Comox!


  2. Nice sound. Thanks David


  3. very, very pretty. i’ve never heard them, but plan to hear more of them from here on out. nice, cold evening in, music. I’m a mumford fan as well.


  4. Yay Comox! And yay British Columbia! I first heard this group just this last August, and love the harmonies, thanks for sharing, David …


  5. Ok, are you really this cool, or is someone (like your son or daughter) letting you know about these new bands?


  6. I’ve become a huge Monsters & Men fan since your recommendation, so, whoever you get this stuff from, please keep it coming! These guys are going on my Pandora list.


  7. Awesome music – feeling chilled again now! 🙂


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