Here comes the sun


Day 1: Tickle in back of throat. Sudden bout of sneezing.
Day 2: 2 am. Difficulty swallowing. Throat burning.
Day 3: Fatigue. Fog. Tough guy regrets not taking a flu shot. (again)
Day 4: Man Down. Working from home. DayQuil to NyQuil to DayQuil loop. Delirious.
Day 5: Winded walking up the stairs. Read same page 3 times. Heavy eyelids.
Day 6: Thick nasal discharge. Can’t taste or smell food. Chocolate still Ok though.
Day 7: Patient care provider: When will you take a shower and get out of the house?
Day 8: Is that a break? Have the clouds moved? Has the sun muscled through and ignited the hills?

“You’ll be driving along depressed when suddenly a cloud will move and the sun will muscle through and ignite the hills. It may not last. Probably won’t last. But for a moment the whole world comes to. Wakes up. Proves it lives. It lives—red, yellow, orange, brown, russet, ocher, vermillion, gold. Flame and rust. Flame and rust, the permutations of burning. You’re on fire. Your eyes are on fire. It won’t last, you don’t want it to last. You can’t stand any more. But you don’t want it to stop. It’s what you’ve come for. It’s what you’ll come back for. It won’t stay with you. but you’ll remember that it felt like nothing else you’ve felt or something you’ve felt that also didn’t last.”

— Lloyd Schwartz

Credits: Image Source: Winter Sun by Onodriim. Poem Source: apoetreflects


  1. Sounds like loving caregiver is giving you that nudge towards wellness that may or may not be welcomed by the patient. There’s something about feeling a little better, that makes the lying around the house kind of okay. Feel better kiddo…can’t keep a good man down.


  2. You are my mirror today, David. It will be a few more weeks before the sun breaks through the congestion on this side, but I know it will. I recommend fresh air and chocolate.

    That quote was a perfect description of rapid cycling. When the mania blasts through the depression, those are my very thoughts. Startling!


  3. I didn’t want this post to stop. Wonderful writing. Thanks for bringing us along with you.


  4. Feel better soon.


  5. ah, yes…you know, david, you are inspiring even when you are not feeling your best. thanks for always sharing!


  6. A riotous romp through DK’s flu-facilitated delirium….Loved the journey, pal, but hate that you’re under the weather. Glad that you’re trending in the right direction. Take it easy and feel better soon….


  7. feel better


  8. Feel better David!!! Maybe some Irish whisky and chocolate 🙂


  9. “Can’t taste or smell food. Chocolate still Ok though.” – You always throw in a totally funny line. Lol!! Hope you feel better soon.


  10. Very good….:)


  11. even with a throat all scratchy, you still can generate words loud and clear. feel better –


  12. I laughed out loud when I read “Chocolate still ok though”! Feel better soon!


  13. “Chocolate still OK though.” Heh. Always!


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