Do Over


British Columbia. 1970’s:

Mountain firs line the banks of the creek bed.
Shadflies, flit in from the shadows, and back out into the sun.
Mountain run-off, clear and pure, glistens, sparkles.
I’m standing knee deep.
I pick the line with my forefinger, click, cast and release.
The bait lands with a plop.
I start working the stream.
I’m Working it.

December. 2013.

I come across the photograph.
Photographer and location unknown.
Yet, I’ve been here.
Standing in this picture.
I close my eyes.
I inhale the pine scent from the Firs.
I squint to see the shadflies skimming down stream.
The glacial current curls around my legs.
Not casting.
Not working.

Do over.
Do over.
Better this time.

~ DK

You can look at a picture for a week
and never think of it again. 
You can also look at a picture for a second
and think of it all your life.

~ Joan Miro

Credits: Image – Gifdrome. Joan Miro Quote Source: Youreyesblazeout


  1. David: better get out to a trout stream soon! Nice photo. Lots of memories for me, too.


  2. Lovely, pal….


  3. magic


  4. If I close my eyes, I can see myself standing there with you. This is really good.


  5. This was so moving to me…perfect. Period.


  6. I love the magic of this, and the sense of stillness in the “do over.” Well done!


  7. A incredible picture with a perfect title, and wonderful start to the day …


  8. John Gallagher says:

    Nice Catch


  9. That looks like a very fishy place. What a smorgasbord for them.


  10. LL=large like… 🙂 my very best, Mélanie


  11. Magical!


  12. I just watched “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.” Hip-deep.


  13. The power of a photo image to take us back. Loved your writing here. There are streams I want to remember and do over, better this time. It has nothing to do with fly fishing.
    – Michael


  14. Dave thanks for bringing back memories for me from yours! Also the love the quote at the bottom.


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