The outcome of my days

black and white

“The outcome of my days is always the same; an infinite desire for what one never gets; a void one cannot fill; an utter yearning to produce in all ways, to battle as much as possible against time that drags us along, and the distractions that throw a veil over our soul.”

~ Eugene Delacroix, “The Journal of Eugene Delacroix

Credits: Image – Your Eyes Blazeout. Quote – The Hidden Abyss


  1. Oh boy…can we throw in a good dose of “mai pen rai”???


  2. It’s just more of the same… Magnificent!


  3. Sounds like a frustrated person.


  4. Buddha taught that inordinate longing is the cause of our suffering. Being content with what one has is a key to the end of suffering.


  5. Oh, dear. I hope this wasn’t your day, David.


  6. sad and not living a life filled with joys and tears and wonder and gratitude.


  7. Sensational shot 😀 Love it!


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