Dale Watson

Feelin’ like foot-stomping Johnny Cash.  “Dale Watson, 50, grew up in poverty outside of Pasadena, Texas as one of four boys. Watson’s father (whom he is named after) and brother, Jim were both musically inclined and guided what have become his longstanding musical influences. Watson began writing his own songs at age 12, making his first recording two years later. By day he went to school and by night he played local Houston clubs and Honky Tonks with Jim in an aggregation called the Classic Country Bandin. He champions “Ameripolitan” as a new genre of original music and has positioned himself as a tattooed, stubbornly independent outsider who is interested in recording authentic country music. As a result, his record sales have been slow, but he has become a favorite of critics and alt-country fans.” (Source: Wiki)

Dale Watson Official Website.  On iTunes at this link.


  1. I get the Johnny Cash feel from him too.
    Too bad TX is a long way or I’d try to catch him at a concert.


    • You beat Carolann to the first comment by a moment RoSy. I didn’t want to interrupt her enthusiasm for being first. She was on such a high. Let’s let her go. 🙂 (and BTW, Texas is a very long way from Chicago)


  2. Loved them! I’m two-stepping in my kitchen. And, I’m the first one to comment. Best thing that’s happened all day.


  3. country music is not generally my first choice, though i do have a johnny cash love, and this was a boot stompin’ talent to say the least


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