3:59 am. And Inspired.

New Zealand-lake-mountain

Good Wednesday morning. Here we go with my selections of the inspiring posts of the week…

  1. Up top, you see a photograph by Nitzus, photographer extraordinaire who shares a shot from Mount Cook National Park in New Zealand.  I’ve never been to Kiwi-Land but this shot inspires me to do so.  Check out more great photos here.
  2. Letters of Note with a post titled: It’s a strange and confusing world: …In October 1974, as he lay on his death bed at the end of a battle with cancer and reflected on his past, Clyde S. Shield wrote the following heartfelt letter to his 3-week-old grandson and offered some poignant advice for the road ahead…If I could package (with ribbon) those gifts that I would most like to give you, I would. But how do you package integrity, how do you wrap honesty, what kind of paper for a sense of humor, what ribbon for inquisitiveness?…Read more of this moving post at this link.
  3. Michael Baer’s Stratecution Stories with his post (a letter to his son who is graduating from high school): Letter to A Graduate – Some Rules to Live By: slow and steady is a solid approach to success. You will enter into college, and into life, with a huge amount of enthusiasm and passion. You will be impatient for success and expecting speedy movement forward. But know that things can take time. And much of life is beyond your control – all you can control is how you deal with things. So keep plugging away, taking advantage of opportunities as they present themselves, and good things will happen…Read 9 other Rules at this link.
  4. Steve Layman with his post Ah, Technology….  Click through on this link.  Guaranteed smile.  Who comes up with these things?
  5. Christian at The Upside with his post: How do people Experience You …What do people walk away thinking after they’ve been with you?  Are they inspired or drained?  Are people lifted beyond themselves or confirmed in the mundane and drudgery, their lives no better than before your interaction? …Read more at this link.
  6. And finally, from hungariansoul, this photography] to wrap up our Hump Day Inspirations…

boy with bird


  1. Alex Jones says:

    I liked the link to how people experience you, the child-bird image is awesome too. The “experience” article I read before, and it reminded me of something I need to follow through by working on experience in my business branding.


  2. Great photos! I’m with Alex, love the child-bird image especially.


  3. From “It’s a strange and confusing world” to “How do people Experience You” I tasted all shades of life. And as you say, “Inspired!”


  4. Stephen says:

    Images of home are guaranteed to brighten my day … Thanks! Yes, it really is that beautiful … water colour is amazing due to glacial silt that makes it look brilliant turqoise most days.


  5. The juxtaposition of pictures and links was perfect…How do people experience you and then the magical picture of this little child. You made a list transportive Dave – how do you do that?


  6. Makere Stewart-Harawira says:

    What a beautiful and inspiring posting David, thank you. Reblogging..


  7. Great posts, beautiful photos. I loved the whale!


  8. Haven’t read the Shield piece yet, but will. In the meantime, a link for a link. Have you ever read Gilead by Marilynne Robinson? http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/94821356



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