Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Get up and at it…

gif, jump,fly

Source: Head Like An Orange


  1. Ok, but not like that penguin though 😆


  2. First I need waking from slumber then from blogging, if I am going to get anything done in the “real” world! (your post reminds me of that old UK TV show entitled “Why don’t you turn off your TV set and do something more interesting instead” Better go!


  3. Well, it certainly wakes me up!! Happy Monday my friend!


  4. Nothing like a good belly flop to get ya “up and running!” 🙂 Good Morning, pal!


  5. Up and at it.


  6. Wish I had that penguin’s energy anytime of day. LOL!


  7. How many of them ARE there?!! Ha ha. Couldn’t help smiling at this one, but to be honest, I woke up this morning with exactly that kind of energy. (I may be coming down with something….)


  8. Inspired by the energy!


  9. They have such fun out there! If only I could feel as excited about snow and ice as he does! 😆


  10. lkanigan says:

    It’s 1:34am and watching this is not helping me fall asleep! But I love it.


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