It’s about finding that perfect balance

After chores were done, Saturdays were for fishing.  Not fly fishing but rod, reel and bait fishing on the Columbia or Kootenay Rivers.  This one minute clip rolled the memories back.  Whether you fish or not, this clip puts you in the driver’s seat of the magic.  The solitude. The oneness with nature.  Here’s “Stream of Dreams.”

Streams of Dreams from Almost Blue on Vimeo.

Source: – Tangled Lines


  1. David: Just for me. thanks for making my Saturday mello!


  2. I’ve always been fascinated by fly fishing–it looks like an intricate dance to me, and I always feel sad when I remember that a fish may lose its life if the exercise is a success. Thx for a little Saturday morning escape, David…


  3. I hate to invoke my favorite line, yet it’s true – ‘what Lori said’. The catch and release makes this much better. The sense of calm and escape is undeniable – until you get to the part where the relative of Nemo gets the hook..;-)


  4. Okay…I don’t need to say those things that you already know about me (thank you donnaanddiablo and mimijk)…so let me just say ~ A LITTLE BIT OF VIDEO MAGIC THERE. A friend told me that fishing is like zen to him, and this little clip makes me kind of understand that. Happy Saturday to you David! 🙂


  5. Fly fishing is something that takes time and practice to perfect, but it sure is beautiful to watch someone who is an expert at casting a line.


  6. so elegant and graceful.


  7. Love fish, hate the thought of catching them 🙂


  8. Makes me want to take up fly fishing.


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