Alas, how easily things go wrong

boots, photography, black and white,rain, rain drops

“Alas, how easily things go wrong!
A sigh too much, a kiss too long
And there follows a mist and a weeping rain
And life is never the same again”

~ George MacDonald, Phantastes

Source: Image – yama-bato.  Poem – Journal of a Nobody


  1. Sigh..alas, indeed. May nothing in your day be reflective of a moment or moments gone awry.


  2. Alex Jones says:

    Today seems to be turning into one of those challenging days for me as well.


  3. Funny…my ‘engine is stalling’ this morning, too. And it’s not even raining… ;-?


  4. Reminds me of advice I received a while back. People don’t usually derail because of big things, but a series of small ones.


  5. Very nice…is it just me or does the right toe of the shoe move like the person standing in the rain has a little rhythm in their system despite the weather?


  6. Yes…how easily it can be that “life is never the same again.” And how well I know that. Hope all is well in your world, David.


  7. David I hope you and yours are safe. Ever since March 16th of this year things have been out of focus for me. It started with my email service being abruptly cut off. I still have not fully recovered from that. Then I got sick with a bad cold, then I turned 70(way better than the alternative!) Had to cancel or postpone lots of activities and commitments. Uncharacteristic of me. A close relative is going through a horror show of scandal that culminates years of questionable behavior. Another one will not speak to me because of my religious convictions. (During all this my wife and daughters threw a surprise birthday party for me and one daughter visited for a week with her 13 year old son — a joy for me. But I was sick during their visit and so it was muted.) I feel a need to rest and relax. I want to rethink things. And now the world around us in Massachusetts has been turned up side down. The Texas town destroyed by an explosion that seems to have been caused by lax procedures at a chemical facility — a facility that had not been inspected for years. A bad moon? Certainly trying times for us right now.


  8. Too much to think about for this morning. That throbbing toe in the guy’s foot was driving me nuts. Waiting for something to happen – like maybe that metal cover he was standing on to open up and his life would never be the same again (in the city sewers).


  9. Sad but true.


  10. Peggy Schroeder says:

    I think that sums up the week, well. After waking to the early morning news and the shut down of all towns and transportation around and in Boston, my only thought was of my friends and daughter in the Boston area. Fortunately, all are okay but too many good people are not….


  11. Yes, so true….


  12. Yes. Very True.
    life is not simple. Our lives are constantly changing, often to the good, and sometimes our perceptions of change challenge us, and make us feel bereft. In such situations, it’s difficult to keep on that path of self-knowledge and self-actualization.


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