When it comes, I’ll be fine, calm.

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“My doctor told me that I’m old, fat, and ugly, but none of those things is going to kill me immediately,” he told me shortly before his 72nd birthday. “The actuaries say I have six to eight years. The best tables give me 10. Three thousand days, more or less.” I asked if he is afraid to die. “Because of my hemophilia, I’ve been prepared to face death all of my life. As a boy I spent a lot of time in hospitals. My parents had to leave at the end of visiting hours, and I spent a lot of time just lying there in the dark, thinking about the fact that any accident could be dangerous or even fatal. So I’m ready. Everybody fears the unknown. But I have a strong feeling there’s something bigger than us. I don’t think all this exists because some rocks happened to collide. I’m at peace. When it comes, I’ll be fine, calm. I’ll miss life, though. Especially my family.”

~ Roger Ailles, 72, Founder and Head of Fox News, in Vanity Fair

Whether one is far right, passionate left or in the center, we are not so different at our core. We face our daily struggles. We love our family. We’d give anything for another ten years…Life is good.  Have a good day…

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  2. I’m right there with you …right there.


  3. I can face it, but I am no where near ready. I have a young woman friend who was just diagnosed with a terminal illness and these thoughts have been on my mind a lot.


  4. I am not anywhere close to ready. This week, a good friend sent me a column about being in the “winter” of life. Winter- no way. I think Spring.

    Both of my parents could have related to this sentiment. Near the end, both confined mostly to bed, no longer recognizing the treasures of their lives, every breath bringing pain, they were ready. In fact, those were the few understandable words they could day. ” Please God, I’m ready…..”. Those left behind are never ready.


  5. A doctor told him he was ugly? I’d live 15 more years just to spit in that guy’s face.


  6. I agree with you, David, there’s more common ground than we think.


  7. I echo your comments greatly, Dave.



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