All For You

Country isn’t down my power alley…but this song is smooth. New Zealand punching above its weight class this week – first my Uggs and now Keith Urban.

Source: Thank you Sundaug


  1. I don’t typically go for country either but I like Keith Urban..this was really good.


  2. I’m not always totally into country. Its growing on me though but I love Keith Urban. He has an awesome voice! Never heard this before though! Thanks for sharing this David 🙂


  3. Not sure why but I am drawn to more Country music these days – some great, real storytelling and singing. Keith Urban is one of the best.
    Oh yea, thanks for the reminder on your Uggs. I tried hard to get that image out of my head. 🙂
    All the best – Michael


  4. Always a pleasure listening to Keith….. 🙂


  5. Makere Stewart-Harawira says:

    You’ve got great taste DK , and yes, New Zealand has talent above its weight 🙂
    Thanks for posting this, its great..


  6. Makere Stewart-Harawira says:

    Reblogged this on Makere's Blog and commented:
    Great song, great New Zealand talent, reposted from Lead. Learn. Live.


  7. Ok…who took my brother? What is happening?


  8. I’ll bet you didn’t know I have a playlist called “Kanigan”! Just added this song to it–thanks for introducing me to Keith Urban’s talent (I know who he is, Nicole Kidman’s husband)


  9. Great!


  10. We have just about all genres on our itunes playlist, including country. Nice lyrics!!


  11. Yup …. love this song, Keith Urban is very talented and I may need to introduce you to some more great country artists!


  12. Dommage! Not possible to view/listen to it in France due to the rights of the author!


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