Sunday Morning with Julia Lezhneva

Julia Lezhneva, 23, is a Russian soprano and opera singer.  She was born on Sakhalin Island into a family of geophysicists. She has travelled the world at a  young age performing at concerts, competitions and festivals at some of the world’s greatest venues.   I’m not an opera fan but this young lady is inspiring.  She has found her calling. She has achieved Mastery and Excellence at a very young age.  The joy in her face, her words and her music lights up the room.  This CBS-like “Sunday Morning” clip leaves me invigorated about the generations coming behind us.  Bravo Julia.  You are something special.

And if you are interested in hearing more from Julia Lezhneva, here’s a 2-minute excerpt from Handel’s “Saeviat tellus inter rigores”.

Sources: Thank you Rob @ The Hammock Papers for posting this clip and pointing me to Lezhneva.  Be sure to check out his blog for similar inspiring posts. It’s a daily stop for me.


  1. I hesitate to comment because I am not an opera afficianado – but her light shines through her smile, her beaming face and laughing eyes. Her voice is magnificent (the small segment of Hallelujah gave me chills).


  2. That face! Those eyes! That voice! All I can say is wow! She’s got the whole package and I am in awe……wonderful Sunday morning post!


  3. I think it would be safe to say that she enjoys singing.


  4. Such a pure, strong, rich, and flexible voice — she’s amazing! Thanks for sharing this uplifting video and making my day extra bright 🙂


  5. I really enjoyed that, thanks so much for sharing! I love seeing an artist like that, she’s is so obviously just doing what she loves and she comes across as so passionate and hard-working and yet humble. Fantastic!


  6. What a voice! Totally unexpected when looking at her.


  7. Wow, she is beautiful. What a wonderful thing first to discover her and second to have found her gift and put it to use at such a young age!


  8. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    YES!!! From an opera fan!
    In addition to all the comments above, let me add that the first thing that struck me was the clarity in her voice – both on the longer notes and on the incredible agility in the fast stuff.
    I hadn’t heard of her – I’ll be keeping my eyes and ears open for this wonderful singer.
    You’ve made my day, Dave 🙂


  9. Now, there’s someone who enjoys her life.
    Her smile sings in her voice, David… Such grace…


  10. Wonderful voice!


  11. Thanks for sharing – beautiful voice, spirit and smile. Young Julia is on her way. I grew up in a house full of Opera with my mother being a huge fan.


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