Bull’s Eye!

funny, laugh, true, diet, humor, binge, eat, nap, sleep, surfing, internet, chart

Source: Adapted from the “Creative Process” at Iwastesomuchtime.com. Thank you Rachel for sharing.

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  1. Alex Jones says:

    No exercise? being chased by monkeys?


  2. Well, if you get confused you can always refer back to the weekend chart then 😉


  3. Somehow I think this pie chart is slightly skewed…


  4. I actually would take that chart this weekend if I could… 🙂 For me, the biggest three sections will all be work, and everything else will be squeezed into one tiny section. All I can say is…someday, I’ll have a different chart, I just know it.


  5. As long as the binge eating includes chocolate this works for me.


  6. Haha! This is going to strike home for so many of us.


  7. Like minds….like schedules…Like habits….I’m like that too. To be RB’d.


  8. Looks like that chart nailed you.


  9. It clearly defines you. I would like to know about your internet surfing techniques so as to improve mine. I guess mine is not productive at all.


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