Yup. Nailed it.

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Source: Themetapicture.com via Imgur.com (edited)


  1. Laughing…what if ‘socks’ was the name of a new puppy?? Yes, I want another one to add to the round table – Andy isn’t on board.


  2. Laughing. You *asked* for socks, David? Did you put some nice undershirts on the list as well? (sorry, couldn’t resist 😉 )


  3. David,
    Once again, thank you for writing a column about me.

    New socks are a beautiful thing.
    As the master (and servant) to four (4) Black Labs…it is a lot of love, but a lot of work. My advice Mimi…enjoy the two.

    Working today…”Death does not take a holiday” and we are expecting thunderstorms and heavy rain for the next three days…Hopefully, Santa will not get caught up in one of the “ground stops” that are sure to occur later.

    Merry Christmas…..Ray


    • Laughing. We share commonalities on a number of fronts, including socks apparently. And I was hoping that you and your profession could have a day off, just one day, especially Christmas. 🙂 Merry Christmas to you and your family Ray.


  4. Funny graphic. Spot on except replace jewlery with socks……just saying!


  5. David, the one data point beyond socks are tennis balls for the ends of our walkers. 😉 . . . .


  6. Hilarious!


  7. This is so true. The only thing better is two pairs of matching socks, so when one inevitably runs away, a new match is made.

    Wish the best of the season to David and all of his wonderful readers!


  8. I feel the same about the fourteen pairs of new briefs I’m getting this Christmas, as the elastic on all my old pairs has gone!


  9. Isn’t that what Christmas is for? To renew the supply of socks and underwear? Don’t worry, David. You’re not getting dull, just practical.


  10. As a 34 year old… when my parents now prod me for gift ideas, socks and underwear are seriously what I come up with. How things change from childhood!


  11. As that one step beyond adult into the world of senior discounts and early dinners – I’d say to add that senior category and go back to “Where’s the toys!” 🙂

    Best of the holidays to you and yours, Dave. Onward into 2013!


  12. Laughing too…so funny and true! 😀


  13. If they are the $30+ Smart Wool fancy socks I love… or the ‘good’ running socks, then I too say YES to the socks! 🙂 Glad your toes are toasty!


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