4:03 am. And, Inspired…

Visiting The Wheat Fields Next To Van Gogh's Grave, Auvers Sur Oise, France

Good Wednesday morning.  The photo above is a couple visiting the wheat fields next to Van Gogh’s grave in Auvers Sur Oise, France.  Hit this link to get full impact of this shot.  The full size photograph evokes many powerful emotions…

And now on to my selection of the inspiring posts of the week from my favorite bloggers:

Lvsrao @ Lvsrao’s Blog with his post The Seven Principles: Life is a struggle. Remembering 7 principles gives strength.  (1) In generosity and helping others be like a river. (2) In compassion and grace be like the sun…(Read the rest of his five principles at this link.  Loved it.)

Kim @ Tranquil Dreams with her post When is it OK…:  “Six years ago today, my dad (passed away)…My dad was the typical Chinese man from previous generation who didn’t show his emotions much and didn’t compliment much (or at all). …After he passed, it was when I realize that a good part of my life was spent on trying to do things to make my father proud, however it seemed that I never did actually get to that point.  I was just never that perfect daughter…(Read more for the full story and conclusion.  And listen to the music clip.  Moving.)

Keith @ Keiththegreen with his post Childhood Revisited: “My first memory was my mom catching me sharing cookies with our dog. Truth betold it happened often enough, that it probably imprinted itself on my mind…(Read more for Keith wonderful reflection on his youth)

Michael Brown @ Real Learning For  A Change with his post: My most embarrassing moment.  “Derek, watch me this time and you can do it next time.”  Derek discreetly retires to the back of the restaurant to watch the master sommelier at work.”  (Read more for the rest of the story.  Sorry Michael.  This story tops my chafing experience.  Not close.)

And here’s a lovely shot at Morro Bay, CA from Sandy @ Another Lovely Day which she titles “It’s Beginning to look at lot like Christmas.”

Christmas Tree, Estero Bay, Morro Bay, landscape

Have a great Hump Day…


  1. Now my day can really begin. Happy Wednesday Dave.


  2. Got my coffee and my Hump Day reflections–as Mimi said, game on! 🙂


  3. All great (again). The clouds in the photo of the wheat fields took my breath away….amazing,


  4. Van Gogh’s grave area has artistic clouds, nature took care of the great artist views and visuals..


  5. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    Loved Michael’s story! Started the day with a good laugh. Didn’t know those kind of lines were uttered in real life 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Dave.


  6. Once again, you bring me back to my own ‘home’…I lived 30 min from Morro Bay for 8+ years, and still consider it ‘home’ …


  7. Thanks for the links and the lovely photos, David. I always enjoy your posts.


  8. The wheat field looks like an Andrew Wyeth painting. Eerie.


  9. Alex Jones says:

    A powerful photograph, a scene that would inspire any great landscape painter.


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