Sunday Morning: Sarah, The World’s Fastest Runner

“Sarah, the Cheetah from the Cincinatti Zoo, shattered the world record for the standing 100-meter dash, clocking a time of 5.95 seconds—making Olympian Usain Bolt’s world record of 9.58 seconds look positively stodgy by comparison.  The ‘Polka-dotted missile’ rocketed to 61 miles an hour.”  Beyond Sarah’s raw speed, was the beauty and grace of this incredible animal.  Enjoy…

Good Sunday Morning.

Source: NatGeo


  1. Is she magnificent or what?? How every muscle in her body is outlined with such grace in each stride.


  2. I have nominated you for the 2012 Blog Of The Year Award – Go to my blog to pick up your award and add to your blog.


  3. Poetry in motion! And I thought the same thing as you and Mimi, absolutely EVERY muscle in her body recruited for the effort. Gorgeous! And yes, David, a bitter irony that this was shot in a zoo…. :-/


  4. Not a thought goes into her movement, such natural grace, she truly is amazing.


  5. Beautiful, graceful cats.


  6. And BTW, this “Sarah” in the clip is a boy.


  7. I sure wouldn’t want her chasing after me. She is beautiful.


  8. To run with power & focus like that is incredible.


  9. Nice name, but that’s all we have in common!


  10. My husband and I met the cheetahs at Canberra Zoo, Australia, (we visited their enclosure but they were free to wander away from us). They were so relaxed and lazy. And the magical thing was that when we stroked them, they purred! The biggest purr you’ve ever heard! It would be a tragedy to lose the big cats from the wild. They are irreplaceable.


  11. Martin Robertson says:


    Based upon my own experience, they run for a reason in Cincinnati!



  12. Alex Jones says:

    There is an incredible beauty in this animals motion.


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