4:23 am. And, Inspired…

Walking on beach with camels and sunrise

Good Wednesday morning.  Here’s a selection of inspiring posts of the week from my favorite bloggers:

Ray @ A Simple, Village Undertaker with his post Potato Chips.  A story about a boy with his bag of potato chips and an old man on a bench in the park.

Ophelia @ Ophelia’s Fiction Blog with her post Life is But a Dream who is tucking her boy Will to sleep with…Baa Baa Black Sheep and Row, Row, Row Your Boat (singing it so many times that it has lost meaning):  But then I look down at his lovely, golden head and I think – can I imagine anything more pure and beautiful than the love I have for this little boy? Why hurry to slip into a dream, when here is this amazing being, breathing, right up against my side as if we’re still one? There’ll plenty of time for dreaming. I don’t want to miss these moments with Will – that make me feel I’m living the most remarkable dream of all. 

Caitlin Kelly @ Broadside with her post What Do We Owe One Another: …For many of us, the world has become a place where we rarely encounter, touch or speak to people whose lives are circumstances are unlike our own, whether richer or poorer. We attend different schools and colleges — if at all — travel by different conveyances, shop in different stores…Poverty, misery and physical devastation are frightening. They smell bad. Storm-ravaged houses, crying children, old people huddled around a trash can fire. No one wants to be that person.  It’s easier to pretend they don’t exist than meet them face to face, seeing in their weary eyes and lined faces the existential terror that, one day, might be ours…

Morgan from Michigan@ Life Is A Process with her post The Rain:  It rained today. I found myself walking with the rain drops, following them as if they were leading me somewhere. It felt cold, against my bare arms, and it became heavy as it drenched my clothes. At first I ended up at a pavilion next to the stream. I stood there alone with my thoughts. Thoughts swirling around in my head and inside my mind, i tried to push them away and let them rush away with the stream. They drifted along with the flowing water, and onward I kept on walking.

And here’s “Fallen” by Sethsnap with his post Frost, Sun and Trees with wonderful landscape shots of Lebanon, Ohio…

Have a great Hump Day…

Image: Julie Harwood


  1. No time to read but I will!


  2. A lovely collage as always, David! 🙂


  3. Thank you for my guide to Wednesday’s adventure – as always.


  4. Beautiful photos. Will read the blogs later today….like the Sunday NY Times, I don’t know which section to start with first…..


  5. Thanks so much for the link! Honored to be in such lovely company.


  6. Thank you for the mention, David. My stats spiked a bit today…thanks to you.


  7. “Potato Chips” is so simple but so moving.


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