4:14 am. And, Inspired…

Good Wednesday morning.  Here’s a selection of inspiring posts of the week from my favorite bloggers:

Vanessa @ One Thousand Single Days with her Post: My Time Is Running Out“…From the moment we are born we have a number. It sits invisibly above our head ticking down as we saunter through life. The number is the seconds we have left, the number of breaths left in our lungs, the number of beats left in our heart. 
But we are not aware of it. We don’t see that number ticking backwards before us in the mirror as we brush our teeth angrily after the argument had with our spouse and we don’t see it as we close the door behind us as we face another day of work, we don’t see it as we make choices, rejected ideas or grow too shy to speak up…(Read more)

Anton Ferrie @ My Spring Awakening with his post: “The Yellow Balloon.”  “I was clearing my room out the other day…and I stumbled across a small balloon that had been lying in some forgotten corner, having fallen from a bag or pocket. Normally a small piece of debris like this would hold no significance whatsoever…But this balloon symbolized something much greater…A young man had been seen wandering around the pub, evidently lost, and I approached him in the hope that I could be of assistance. I soon found out that the 23 year old American was…(Read more)

Mimi @ Waiting For the Karma Truck with her post: “It’s A Muse Thing:” “…I realize too that for me,  inspiration is found in the words of many who happen to read this post.  The stories of our days, the hours of endless question and the occasional ‘aha’ moments that propel us forward.  The open heart and the unthinking words – all inspiration.  Phenomenal sunrises and relentless clouds;  disequilibrium and exquisite balance; doors that slam shut with one finger still stuck in the jamb and the smell of fresh air as an unseen window yawns opens…” (Read More)

Ryan Holiday with his post:  “Soft“:  “You are soft. If you were born in my generation or thereabouts, you are almost certainly soft. You live a nerf life in a nerf world, filled with nerf delusions. Check the boxes. Put in your 8 hours a day. Get what you you earned. Get anything. Nope. That’s not how it works. But you don’t get to complain that the game is rigged. Why? Because it’s basically fairer than it ever has been. It’s unlikely you’ll suddenly die. You don’t have to go to war. You can travel from place to place and never, ever worry about pirates. Yet we’re soft. We quit early. Settle. Complain. Think we deserve a break. Make lazy, self-serving assumptions. Try to get the most for the least work…(Read more)

Have a great Hump Day…

1936 Photo by william vanderson.  The pet swan named Leila is being helped into a car where she enjoys a ride to the shops. Its owner was Mrs. Watson of Chesham, Buckinghamshire in England.  Leila, a family pet for two years, could open doors and was a good guard dog.



  1. Thank you for including me amongst this fascinating group of recommendations (including Leila the swan, for whom I am developing a great affection – though not as great as that which I am holding for baby sloths). I can’t wait to check these sites out! Happy Hump Day David..


  2. Love the photos. The mountain looks as if it is smiling with the new day. And the taxi goose certainly put a smile on my face! Thanks for the links…..again.


  3. Another fabulous Hump Day buffet, David! :-). I already know that Mimi knocks it out of the park time after time, but wonderful to be alerted to more gifted posters…


  4. Great recommendations David and great pictures too! Happy Hump Day


  5. antonferrie8 says:

    Thank you for recognising me in this way, I’m honoured to just be included amongst you all! Happy Hump Day!


  6. Alex Jones says:

    The Romans used Geese as guard dogs, and swans are just as good. Coming up close to a swan that is hissing is intimidating.


  7. Love those swan photos. They made me LOL. Why am I so proud to be British? 😀


  8. Three great posts Dave!! “My time is running out” was very impactful.


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