Stages of Procrastination…

procrastination - funny

Source: chibird via creatingaquietmind


  1. Are you watching me from some camera I can’t see??


  2. 😆


  3. It is said that humor has to be plausible to be really funny. This is really funny.


  4. Omg, this sounds so much like my daughter. No matter what I say or do, she always hits the repeat button!


  5. Ouch. This hits the nail squarely. Thanks for sharing David.


  6. Been frustrated with Chase about this for awhile and driving myself crazy. Now realized I was the same way. The joys of parenting & coaching.


  7. jolynproject says:

    Uhhh yeah, how do you know how my mind works? lol


  8. I was going to claim that this is me, but everyone seems to think it’s them. Hmm…..I must have a lot of twins out there because it it definitely me.


  9. I certainly don’t like the feeling, so why is it that we repeat it?


  10. Alex Jones says:

    Deja vu moment reading this.


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