I’m not…

I amI’m not Plato. Or King.  Or Kennedy. Or Churchill.  My words aren’t a symphony.  I don’t have a spin cycle.  Yet, you’ll know precisely where I stand.

I’m not the great mind or the brilliance that surrounds me.  I’m an Electrolux.  A Cuisinart.  A rough chop.

I’m not an Olympic sculler. I don’t slice through the water with grace, with ease, with yeomanlike efficiency. My boat lurches left and right. I’m not first but I’m in the race.

I’m not a woodchopper.  Yet I chop.  When I miss, the vibration shudders – rattles my teeth, my bones and that of others.  Yet, the tree will come down.

I’m not at ease in crowds. I am not graceful.  I can be awkward.  I prefer the solitude.  Yet, like a journeyman, I do what I need to do.

I’m not Rodin or Donatello.  Will never be.  Yet, I hammer.  And I hammer. And, it will, yes it will, bend my way.

I’m not your kind and gentle soul. Not a first glance.  And not quickly.  But if you are with me, I will be there.  And if you’re in trouble, you’ll want me in your corner.

I’m not…yet I am.

Image Credit: goodmemory via pimpfreud


  1. You totally are David. And this made me cry – and say silently that I hope you know how many people are with you – all the time.


  2. Elise Mazzetti says:

    This is fantastic. A.


  3. Wow. Well done. I AM with you too.


  4. Word.


    • In full disclosure Jeff, I had to ask what “Word” meant. I had no idea. (Red Faced Now. More like Crimson color face). “Used to express agreement. A phrase originally meaning:
      a) to agree with, b) without a doubt , c) true.” Thanks for the schooling. I’d need to add a line to my revised version of this post: “I do not have a deep vocabulary. But, I seem to be have managed without it.” 🙂


  5. Well said.


  6. Please accept this nomination for Beautiful Blogger Award.


  7. The great thing about you Dave is that you tell it like it is. Being yourself…it’s what makes you. You are you. I’m with you and thanks for always willing to be in my corner!


  8. I love it…you are you!


  9. Michael Zahaby says:

    That’s why I love you. Some great guy once asked me where i learned my management skills, the “anville school of management”? And from that point we “connected” on a personal level


  10. YES YOU ARE!



  11. Wow…so well shared…and it seems to me, that indeed you are!


  12. Love this, David… 🙂


  13. richardkanigan says:

    Very powerful.


  14. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    What Mimi said.


  15. Thanks for being in my corner dad! I got your back 🙂


  16. Wow Dave, This is YOU, this is great. Enjoying your blog a lot.

    Sent from my iPad


  17. You are awesome blogger…which I suspect only reflects the man of deep character and integrity that you truly are. I have valued your writings since the very first day I read them several months ago…thank you David for just being you.

    Be encouraged!


  18. I am moved and yet speechless… A combination of 26 alphabets wouldn’t help me out in expressing my feelings so I would rather stay quiet. Hats off, Dave.


  19. Very comforting thoughts. God bless you.


  20. For a long time I didn’t read something that makes me feel good. Thanks man!


  21. Dear Mr. Kanigan,
    Thank you for writing something that I can not get out of my head, for days … When I read this post, I thought to myself: I wanna be just like him, when I grow up. 🙂 I am reading your entries every day, and I am deeply moved by them.
    Wish you all the best in life!


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