Life in the fast lane…

56 second video clip.  Yet it packs a punch above (way above) its weight class.

Will you avert your eyes?

Will you grimace?

Will you hold your breath?

Did you breathe a sigh of relief when it ended?

I bet money the answer is yes to all.  Don’t take the wager. I only bet when I know I will win. 🙂


  1. This must be one of those “Don’t try this at home” videos.


  2. When you trust your leader, you’ll follow them anywhere they go; no matter the danger.


  3. Yes to all…whew…I would have hated to be the cameraperson…I would have thrown the camera aside and been down there on the freeway rerouting or holding up traffic.

    Be encouraged!


  4. Yup, held my breath the entire clip. Thought we lost a couple at one point but they made it! Phew….I’m exhausted!


  5. Sometimes, things just work out. You were right though: you got me to look, and you told me how to feel, and I did.


  6. that was amazing! especially how they stuck together that whole time and that car missed them.. thanks for sharing!


  7. David I am just glad Freshly Pressed duck wasn’t the dinner and movie selection tonight. 🙂


  8. That wad Duck Frogger!! If you didn’t prep me I would have lost it. Amazing video! Posting this on Facebook..


  9. It had me on the edge of my seat ! 🙂
    Glad they made it.


  10. 57 agonizing seconds!!!
    phew 🙂


  11. Oh My God…


  12. Holy crap! As so many have said, that was a powerful illustration of putting your faith in your leader and not looking back. I smell an HBR article…. 😉


  13. Ok, I’m sorry but this was just plain scary – and I draw no analogies about leadership. Ducks imprint and follow because that’s what their DNA tells them to do, not for any other reason. They would follow an elephant if that was the first thing they saw upon entering the world. And if I sound annoyed, it’s because of all of those drivers who didn’t even slow down, let alone stop…grr….


  14. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    Despite all your leading questions – including the one that gave away the ending – my fingers were still clenched.
    I’ll never bet with you 🙂


  15. Alex Jones says:

    Those ducks are braver and crazier than me to cross such a fast road.


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