Does Fear Drive Us?

does fear drive us

Author: Karl Haendel.  Source: creatingaquietmind

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  1. Lots to think about so early in the morning…


  2. This is a killer post for those of us who may be just a wee bit obsessive..:-)


  3. Whew! I’m gonna need another cup of coffee before I can tackle this…. 😉


  4. No. No. No. Yes.No. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

    Did I get them all right?

    Final question to add to the list; are replies to multiple questions hard to deal with?

    What are your answers?


    • Here you go Michael:
      No. No. Yes. Yes. No. Yes. Yes (YES). Yes (tough). Yes! YES!

      Are replies to multiple questions hard to deal with? Certainly make you think at 5am in the morning.

      You did get them all right. (So did I for that matter) 🙂


  5. Thinking and worrying too much can complicate things.



  6. lkanigan says:

    Heavy Monday between the duck & the questions. I do believe fear drives people who are competitive & want to better their life. Change has to be part of the plan…if your not changing & growing, your dying.


  7. So deep….
    Here it goes:
    -one idea is not enough
    -dreams do not limit,
    -anger is usually not useful,
    -Novelty does matter (but not to everyone),
    -calm is not an illusion,
    -experience can be repeated (explains why we sometimes do the same mistakes over and over again, we are human afterall),
    -choice is possible (just some may CHOOSE to make that choice)
    -not sure about purity, I’d like to think it can be created
    -fear does drive us to change
    -with that said, change is necessary and pretty much inevitable

    Some of these questions can be argued both ways…I can see how some would say the opposite for a few of these…


    • Kim, you WIN! You had the most thoughtful comment. (Blue Ribbon) And, you and I were squarely aligned on all questions! (2 Blue Ribbons) ((((You hedged on #3 which means its a Yes – it is useful sometimes. 🙂 ))))


  8. Quite a good one.
    I guess it’s been sufficiently answered.
    Some people are driven by what they want and some others by what they don’t want. Fear makes some people hide and makes some others fight. Could there be a wrong answer? Good food for thought.



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