Struggling? Taking in water? Smile. Close your eyes. Enjoy the ride…

hippo under water

Source: a-n-i-m-a-l-p-l-a-n-e-t

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  1. Yay for Animal Planet and you for posting this picture…I love a smiling hippo (as opposed to a frowning hippo, which I think I would find a little disconcerting)..Happy Almost Friday!


  2. These animals fascinate me–they look so placid, almost jovial, yet if I’m not mistaken, they kill more people in Africa than any of their wild brethren. Hmmmm, wonder what the message is there? “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee….”. Ok, clearly too soon before my first cup of coffee has permeated the blood/brain barrier. I think I’d best step away from the iPad and get to the gym–I’m having a serious attack of the “sillys” this morning…. 😉


  3. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    Mmmmmm… great start to the day.


  4. Love the picture, I really loved the video yesterday I have shared it with several coworkers, we all are amazed at the relationships that animals cultivate. There is more to it than many realize. Thanks for all of the great things you share with us David!


  5. But if I follow your advice, will I turn into a hippo? I’m already on a diet….


  6. Awesome post! Just put a smile on my face after a rough morning at work! Thanks!


  7. Adorable photo! 😀


  8. Alex Jones says:

    It was a beautiful day today in the South of England and I stopped to enjoy nature. A few hundred miles further north it rained a months worth of rain in 6 hours, and it totally missed me.


  9. Hi, that’s a very beautiful picture.


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