Chasing Yet Another Brass Ring…


“Sometimes we refuse to believe that the brass rings have lost their luster–we just need higher-quality rings! We’ll get another degree at an even better school, and a more demanding job at an even more competitive firm with an even bigger compensation package! And sometimes this works, for a while. But never forever. At some point we realize that we may have amassed a truly impressive collection of brass rings, but A) we’re making ourselves miserable in the process, and/or B) brass rings don’t provide meaning or purpose or love, and/or C) we really are mortal, and at some point in the rapidly approaching future all the brass rings in the world won’t be worth a goddamn thing.”

  – Ed Batista

I encourage you to read Ed’s entire post at: Brass Rings & Railroad Tracks

Image Source: The Novac

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  1. Nothing like collecting more rings than we have fingers, only to discover that they turn your skin green when worn for too long. If only we expanded our definition of success to include more than the superficial, we might feel better about where we are.


  2. Whoa – I better wake up – thank you for mentioning me in your ‘related posts’ section – I am really slow on the uptake this morning! I’m sorry!


  3. I like the age old quote: “Seek peace and pursue it.”



  4. Thanks, David–I appreciate it.


  5. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    Incredible how many people buy into this… accumulating those rings, that is. It’s all around me all the time.


  6. Great reminder, I think Mimi put it into perfect words….who needs rings that turn your fingers green 🙂


  7. Alex Jones says:

    Brass rings… hamster wheels.


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