• right here right nowWhen will you stop wasting your potential?
  • When will you make that decision you’ve been avoiding?
  • When will you stop looking for ‘easy’ and starting doing ‘effective’?
  • When will you stop waiting for the right time?
  • When will you create opportunities rather than wait for them to appear?
  • When will you stop spending money you don’t have on crap you don’t need?
  • When will you stop the same unhealthy conversations, about the same issues, with the same people?
  • When will you stop giving your body food it doesn’t need?
  • When will you maximize your genetics rather than complain about them?
  • When will you love your legs because they work & stop hating them because they’re not skinny enough?
  • When will you stop wasting emotional energy on sh*t you can’t change?
  • When will you stop complaining about the rain and start dancing in it?

By: Craig Harper

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  1. I guess ‘now’ is the right answer, huh? 🙂 After coffee, I’ll commit with more enthusiasm.


  2. Yes, GOOD. Right answer!


  3. Wow! This is awesome! The lead thought about “when will you stop wasting your potential?” really is thought-provoking. Also, the ones about money, emotional energy, and body image also stood out to me. Thanks for posting this!


  4. When will you stop. And breathe. And smile.



  5. These are awesome–gave me a good little “mental shake” right out of the gates this morning. :-). “When will you stop wasting emotional energy on sh*t you can’t change?” especially resonated. This one gets printed out a placed where I can see it—every day.


  6. Awesome post David!!! This one for posting on the refrigerator for the family and friends that stop by to refuel on food… And now we can add motivation! Thanks for sharing David!!

    Enjoy your day!!


  7. What an amazing post David. There is no better time than NOW to start.

    Visit http://leadertank.com/ and start getting your Daily Fuel of inspiration and motivation.


  8. Great post, there are a few “whens” that I think speak loud and cleared to me…


  9. Great post David.


  10. Reblogged this on Todd's Perspective and commented:
    If not now, when?


  11. We will stop all the nonsense listed above and start all the good stuff listed above when we get VERY STILL and VERY QUIET and LOOK VERY CAREFULLY for the lights waiting to guide us and the voices giving us instructions on how to just be ourselves!


  12. Carpe man’ana! Sieze tomorrow! (Just kidding, of course)


  13. Reblogged this on Healthy, Happy Living.


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