Success is not a theory…

“For some of us, it’s time to own up, step up and do what success requires. It’s that complex and that simple. We’ve read enough. Thought enough. Talked enough. Planned enough. Avoided enough. Hoped enough. Intended enough. Waited enough.

Now it’s time to do enough.”

~ Craig Harper





Image Credit: Making Things Happen


  1. That’s right :)

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  3. Very inspirational!

  4. When one considers all the excuses we come up with to allow us to maintain the status quo, this quote is a simple but powerful kick in the pants. Even if it means doing one thing differently today, it is movement that is necessary to propel on forward. Happy Monday David – you found the perfect way to get us all started!

  5. So true….. :)

  6. Thanks for the Monday morning kickstart! Was not going to blog but now I am all over it!

  7. lkanigan says:

    Great quote and great way to kick off the week to get things done. Thanks!

  8. Better to envision success than rationalize failure.

  9. Wow – just want I needed this morning.

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    Only and until we decide to do more, will it ever be enough.

  11. This great on so many levels! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Great words! I have done my planning, taken my action steps and made lots of plans to continue allowing what I seek to meet me half way. Sometimes I wonder when the other parties involved will get the kick in the pants wake up call and start taking their action, though……

  13. the flying elefant says:

    thanks for all the insoring posts – just are comin to the right tme

  14. Your timing with this post is great. While I am going through this thinking recently as I started my own blog and moving my life forward, I have someone at work pondering a change to go back to school later in life. I will share your post with her now.

    Thanks – Michael

  15. Right ON!!!!! Loved it. Thank you.

  16. Excellent quote, David!! Glad I’m already on my journey!!

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  19. What do you do if you get stymied by your own incompetence?

  20. Thank goodness I have race-walked and loved on my household members and some neighbors and written a lot already today before I got to this post. Yes, the DOING of the dreams is what matters.

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    We should all learn something from this.

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  23. leahmartinez says:

    thank you for this.

  24. leahmartinez says:

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    The time is NOW!

  25. This has inspired me to get started on my science fair today. Thanks for reminding me!


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