Saturday Morning Work-Out Inspiration: Yes, I did…

Source: We Wander and Wonder

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  1. LOVE THIS!! So simple, but so true. This morning’s activity for me is “Outdoor Boot Camp” — here comes the sun, doo n doo dah… 🙂


  2. #1, I’m sure that YOU “said it” and “DID IT” yesterday and already on the path to DOING IT today. And how you can be so perky so early in the morning is astonishing. Give me whatever you are eating and drinking. Incredible.


  3. Were it not for the Nike logo, I could be my not-enough-coffee-yet self and say “do what”? But I have had enough coffee, and was debating whether or not to go to the gym. I guess this is a sign? Thanks David – sort of….;-)


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  5. I don’t do the ‘burn’. Yuck, gyms smell of sweat, pain, failure/versus smug self-satisfaction. Give me the great outdoors anyday, and it doesn’t cost anything, unless you’re visiting a National Trust garden.

    Power walking and ball-throwing with my dog – that’s the one. Then when you get out of breath, you can stop and blame it on your dog for having a sniff.

    And on the week following New Year’s Day, I’m the one who’s smug, as I know I’ll keep up my exercise plan, unlike the poor tortured souls pounding the roads and parks with their new trainers, agonised faces, wobbling stomachs, and great resolutions shortly to be broken. Or those who’ve just paid a huge fee to join a gym, which they’ll visit for a month, at the most, and will have done the equivalent of flushing their money down the toilet.


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    Thanks, David…


  7. I think I’ll adopt “Just Do It” as my motto. I’m the world’s best procrastinator but I always get the job done, so why do I torture myself so much? I should “just do it.” Thanks for the nudge.


  8. Yes! This is great…( good card to have to hand out when deadlines are missed)


  9. Very cool insight.


  10. Just putting one foot in front of the other towards the walk outdoors is a great way to keep our workout promises to ourselves!


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