Who will be crying at your funeral?

Forbes: Mike Myatt – Who Will Be Crying At Your Funeral?

“…I attended a memorial service last week for a 23-year-old man whose life ended far too soon – it was a much different scenario than the one depicted in the opening paragraph above. The service was a true celebration of a remarkable, albeit tragically short life. The deceased was a gifted and accomplished man who spent his short time on this planet investing in others, building into those who needed it the most, and serving those who others often ignored.

The service was so crowded that if a Fire Marshal had driven by there would have definitely been an issue. When the often-awkward time arrived to open up the microphone to anyone wanting to say something about the deceased – it wasn’t awkward; it was an amazing and inspiring time, which lasted more than 90 minutes. People who knew him well, barely knew him at all, hadn’t seem him in years, and people from different religious, economic and generational backgrounds all shared stories about how he touched their lives. His time on this earth had huge impact – will yours?

The deceased was a recent magna cum laude graduate from an excellent university, but rather than pursue a career he chose to be a full-time volunteer for the needy (a passion of his since elementary school).  He was truly brilliant and everybody knew it, but you’d never had heard it from the deceased. He was humble and so focused on others he often blended into the crowd. He didn’t mind – he had no desire for the spotlight. What he wanted was for the spotlight to be focused on the things that mattered. He was successful in that endeavor.

This man was a servant. This man was a leader. This man was an example for us all. He understood what mattered; he used his time where it made the biggest difference. He never talked about doing things – he just did them. He was mature beyond his years and lived a life people won’t forget. The world is a better place because he was here. Do you have the courage to make the world better?

What will your funeral look like? If you haven’t lived the life you’d want publicly recounted someday, it’s not too late to change. The future isn’t some ethereal, distant event – it begins in just a fraction of a second.  Only YOU can choose how you’ll live your life.  Leadership isn’t about titles – it’s about the choices you make, the causes you serve, and the people you impact. The best legacy is one that can be lived before it’s left behind. Who’ll be crying at your funeral?…”


  1. Thanks for sharing and introducing us to an amazing individual. It’s people like this that should be on the big network news channels. We all would be better for it.


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    Funny this is something I do from time to time – look at my life and wonder who will be at my funeral. What will they say? Who will be there? It’s a good check on myself to ensure I am heading in the right direction and being true to myself. Thanks David – great post.


  3. It is great when people especially someone this young is so connected with their purpose. I truly believe that those who he touched will continue pressing forward in their own unique way. Now, as for me, if I passed today only three people would cry at my funeral: wife and children. Unfortunately I’ve spent a life time trying to figure it out…


  4. I don’t know who this individual was but he truly sounded like a wonderful human being who brought the world great joy and inspiration. There is still hope for the human race. There’s so much negativity publicized, that we have become desensitized to the positive things in this world. Reading this story has been inspirational and truly moving! Thank you for sharing this well-written and moving story of a man who left this world too soon.


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    I wanted to share this heart-warming story recently posted by David Kanigan. After reading this post, I felt so saddened by the world we live in. Desensitization has taken it’s hold on the human race and left many of us as shells of our former selves. Take a minute and watch the news. Can you recollect how many stories like this are aired? It is disheartening when someone like this individual leaves us too soon.

    The sentiment of “Who Will Cry at Your Funeral” is the reason why I began Onelifethislife. I want to live a life that not only positively impacts those in my life but also those who I may not know. I hope that you enjoy reading David’s post as much as I did.


  6. Proof that it does not take a long lifetime to make a difference. A difference can be made every single day.
    Enrique Fiallo


  7. hodgepodge4thesoul says:

    What a wonderful post about such an amazing person. One may never know the impact that is made on people we encounter in our lives. We all want to make and BE a difference, but don’t step out. An inspiring young man!


  8. hodgepodge4thesoul says:

    Reblogged this on Hodgepodge 4 the Soul and commented:
    This post reminded me of something I used to say when my kids or when my husband would argue with each other, and with me…”What memories are you leaving behind?”

    This post was very moving and I wanted to share with all of you 🙂 BLESSINGS!


  9. Daniel Bacon says:

    I recently made a decision that I hope will affect what happens at my funeral. Thanks for posting.


  10. Fantastic post!! Good to know you’re out there!! I just subscribed!!


  11. Touching.


  12. As a pastor, I have attended many, many funerals. Some that I have gone to made me think to myself, “I hope more people come to my funeral than this.”

    It’s not that I am looking for notoriety, I just want to know I’ve made a difference. If nobody misses me when I’m gone, then I will have failed. But I will not have failed me, as much as them.


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