Doom Loop?











Source: I Love Charts (via Jessthevagabond)


  1. Alex Jones says:

    True, the only way to break a circular hole is to interupt it by action of solving the problem. If the “doom loop” has been sustained over a long period, it may take a lot of resources to break it, and a number of reversals, thus it becomes like running in deep mud. Single minded will can break any “doom loop”.


  2. “ACTION IS THE ENEMY OF FEAR”…Mel Gibson from the movie Braveheart.


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  5. Don’t just sit there – do nothing….or did I get that wrong too…


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  7. I feel this most time. At times I feel like making 1 step forward but always find myself going back to this loop. Thanks for sharing.


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  9. Standing up and doing SOMETHING, ANYTHING will break that cycle of self-predicted doom.


  10. to me, always end up do nothing! haha. by lazy bone


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