A Study in Blue…

Vanessa tripped into my blog post “If you are stuck, listen up.” Apparently it resonated with her on a less-than-sunny-day. She left a comment on the post that led to a bit of back and forth between us – – two bloggers not previously acquainted – yet connected in this community that continues to amaze. I learned the following:

Vanessa and her sister Dion had wanted to create a blog as a tribute to their Dad and keep his memory alive.  However, re-living the sorrow of the loss of her Father was “a reality she had difficulty confronting.” However, as she proceeded to build the blog, the effort actually became a celebration of his life and his art.

The blog is titled “Vincent Farrell Artist.”  It is dedicated to the art and life of Vincent Farrell 1928-2008 who Vanessa describes as “my maestro and my inspiration.” 

On April 20th, the Home & Hearth Magazine will feature an online gallery of Vincent Farrell’s work.  According to Vanessa, the magazine has put in a “huge effort in creating this online project which will also be written about in Yahoo.com.’”  Everyone is excited about the exhibition.

Vanessa permitted me to share two art works in her Father’s collection: “Study in Blue” and “In the Garden.”  His work is magnificent.  I encourage you to check out Vanessa’s blog to see more of his art.

This heart-warming story is a life Study in Blue.  Bravo Vanessa.  Your Father must be looking down and beaming.



  1. Amazing story and amazing connection.


  2. What an inspirational post. The blogging community is a wonderful place to be where encouragement and support is so great. I will check out Vanessa’s blog. Thanks for sharing.



  3. Thank you Francine. I’m with you…


  4. Absolutley stunning pieces here…such an inspirational narrative as well. Heading to Vanessa’s blog at this moment! Thank you for positng and congratulations on creating such a connection with a fellow blogger. What a great experience for you and for her!


  5. Thank you for sharing this David, I checked the blog out.


  6. Thanks for sharing this and I too checked out the blog. One of the first things that I linked to was a post of DEVO a 70s group I used to love (now got their album on CD too). This had connotations for me of life story work – writing someones story, creatively recording it, for sharing, memories, fun and information (and something I work with around dementia, older people, mental health); and this life story of Vincent Farrell an his daughter offered me a memory from my own life story, so the link was ongoing …so again, thank you!


  7. Thank you David. The blogging community does amaze me. I will check it out.


  8. Reblogged this on vincent farrell artist and commented:
    this was a lovely tribute made by David Kanigan regarding my blog dedicated to my father. David’s blog is an inspirational and a way for all of us to help each other through the rough days with hope and human kindness. please stop by his blog and have a look i know you will be happy you did! also David has kindly featured a couple of my father’s art pieces too and generously made an announcement for an up coming blog event which shall take place on April 20th on the Home and Hearth magazine blog!!! Stop by David’s blog to view the link 😉 peace!


  9. Such wonderful, joyous art you share here of Vincent Farrell’s! How truly wonderful that his daughter started that blog and ended up triggering the sharing of his art work all over the place!


  10. Thank you so much Vanessa!


  11. Thank you Vanessa.


  12. Vanessa, thanks again!



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