4:46am and inspired…

It’s early.  I’m responding to work emails (chopping, cutting, hacking through the thicket – – this deluge – – this never ending onslaught – – and today, I’m winning!).

And in between responding to emails, I’m flipping back and forth reading blog posts.

Then Chuck comes on Pandora with his timely classic “Feels So Good.”  (Why is it that some tunes just further enhance your mood?  Go ahead.  Hit the link.  Listen while you read down this post. As they say: It’s a MONEY song!).  I moved over to YouTube and have now played this song 5 times (and counting.  Yes, by now, you have all concluded this man has a compulsive obsessive disorder.  More on this later.)

The song reminds me of the Red Auerbach quote I came across on Mme Scherzo’s blog:

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

Yes, it does.  Yes it does.

So positive mojo is building.

And the moments of inspiration continued – wave after wave…

I landed on Mimi’s wonderful blog post: The Cake, Icing And The Whole Shmear

As I was driving home last night – so full of appreciation for this wonderful woman who just happens to also be my dear friend – I thought that the friendships we women have are proof enough in the wonder of tomorrow.  Anything can happen to enhance your life in the spaces in between – those moments when we’re not paying attention to that which we seek.  These gifts find you.  Our only responsibility is to recognize that they are there – and pay attention to what is being given to us.

Then I landed on Caitlin Kelly’s post on The Broadside Blog titled: “The Inner Hippy Emerges.” She whisked me away to Marin County in San Francisco (easily one of the top 3 world’s greatest cities)…

Marin is bathed in golden light, its velvety hills a mix of Ireland, Scotland and Vermont, dotted with black cows and brown horses. Thick groves of redwoods. A winding road that led us through Dogtown, pop. 30.

And then I landed on Sandy’s post on Another Lovely Day titled: “I love the sound of the rain:

“It’s raining and I just came back from a lovely walk. Very little wind to make the drops angle or to challenge my umbrella. I love the sound of the rain on the sand. How to describe it . . .  a sparkling shushing. More of a sensation than a sound.  The narrow beach path now a stream, miniature torrents and rapids, waterfalls and pools. The wonderful fragrance of wet green things, of fireplaces lit to warm and cheer. The calming quietness that gentle showers gift us. Something to be out in. Something to be part of.”

OK. I’ve been transformed.  My blogger friends have fully lodged me in a great place.  It’s time to get back to chopping and hacking at the thicket.  Or I could get lost in blogger land and never come out of this inspiration wave.

Have a great Hump Day everyone.



  1. I think you inspire so many irrespective of whatever any of us do for you. It all comes full circle David – in this case, happily…


  2. I listened as instructed. Thanks for the free trip back to 1977! 😀


  3. I listened as well and loved it. Thanks for putting movement in my morning.



  4. Mornings are the best! Nice one David. Thanks for the horn.


  5. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    Yes, mornings ARE the best!
    Memories are flooding back with this. I love the flugelhorn – golden and bright, but mellower than a trumpet. I have this on vinyl but don’t have the technology to listen to it anymore! So thanks for the start to the day. I know yours will be good!


  6. Thnx. I’m in a great place now too.


  7. Just when I think I’m winning, another onslaught arrives. It’s a never-ending battle.


  8. This is one of my favorite songs. I prefer to listen to the longer version. Thank you for the pick-me-up from a bad day at work.


  9. Our blogging friends’ mediations on their scenery and their inspirations and this music just lifts us right up over The Hump in Hump Day, right? Thanks SO much for all this wonderful sharing.


  10. Thank you!



  1. […] Kanigan is always a good read.  Recently he posted a video of one of my favorite songs and it brightened my evening after a difficult day at the office.  The music just washes the stress […]


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