How to come up with a great idea?

Source: Brainpickings.orgAbstract City: Christoph Niemann’s Visual Essays


  1. funny – especially the 0.5% talent and divine inspiration…


  2. Especially worth noting is staying off the internet – you never cease to amaze me David – great post!


  3. karen Sokota says:

    Dave, I am not sure you have ever referenced Knowledge at Wharton – a fantastic monthly email that covers all sorts of topics on business, marketing and innovation. This months issue has an article “The Killer Question: Phil McKinney on How to Spark Innovation” that I thought you may find an interesting read after I saw your post this morning.

    you may have to sign up to get this but it is well worth it for you and your readers….


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    True, true.. (especially the internet thing).


  5. Dave,

    What an interesting topic! However, can I be a spoilsport and propose a different view? In my experience, great ideas are a dime a dozen. The important activity is putting that great idea to use. Let’s see if that great idea can stand up to the onslaught of public exposure. Let’s see if it can withstand the fierce attack of vested interests. Let’s see if the originator has the fortitude to grab it and do something truly worthwhile with it. For example, like Steve Jobs could do.

    Signing off to avoid the barrage of slings and arrows coming my way.


  6. My productivity has quadrupled since banning myself from going on the internet until I’ve done at least three hours of work each day on my novel.


  7. Thanks David I really like this!


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  9. Yes — Internet. Good Dog Bad Dog. I get inspiration may ways. Here is a little poem I wrote about it:


    If ever I have any doubt
    as to where my writing’s going
    I find my direction finely tuned
    Whenever I am mowing.

    Vibrating endlessly across the yard
    Atop an old John Deere
    It’s amazing the plots and story lines
    That come to me out here.

    Character, dialogue, points-of-view
    of stories never seen
    All have risen to the top
    on this endless sea of green.

    I cannot hear a dog-gone thing
    As my tractor blares away
    So why not dream of tales unbound
    As I mow away the day?



  10. The effort part involves searching and experimenting and try, try, trying again and again!


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  12. Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog today. I had a great time and hope I left my campsite clean enough for your next visitor.


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