Your path to greatness begins with discontent…

I happen to agree with (and generally practice with varying degrees of effectiveness) every single one of the ten points of this great post by Dan Rockwell titled 10 Sure Fire Ways to Find Your Greatness.  And, I do strongly agree with his opening that “greatness is serving and the more you serve the greater you are.”

Yet, I’m personally troubled that I so passionately agree with all of Dan’s ten points – – especially #1 and #5.  One walks a very fine line here as a leader and a human – in retaining and nurturing followers for a sustained period of time and maintaining a healthy personal mental condition.  I do find myself languishing in the space of too much dissatisfaction and discontent and not enough balance.  Whispering my sutra …keep it real…keep it balanced…keep it real…keep it balanced…keep it real...keep it balanced.

If you are interested in adding to your list of leadership blogs, a good place to start is with Dan’s Leadership Freak blog.

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