They never looked so good…

Look closely.  Those are gummi bears and worms.

“Gummy Big Bang II”  is an explosion composed by a light bulb and tons of red, orange and yellow candy gummi bears, worms, sharks filling a 120-square-foot space. The piece was included in the 2006 Oregon Biennial at the Portland Art Museum.

Source: Shin Sekai

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  1. You never cease to amaze and surprise – in all the good ways such verbs imply.

  2. Not a good light fixture for a kid’s room…..pretty cool though. Do Gummies melt when heated?

  3. Twice liked…

  4. Waaayyy cool…

  5. Colorful and flavorful….

  6. Best thing to do with those Gummy Bears. :)

  7. Brilliant, reminds me of the astronomy quilts by the New York guy

  8. Looks delicious.

  9. Amazing what people come up with and make it look so interesting.

  10. Now we can tell children that the universe is made of edible gummy bears.

  11. Hmm, would be a great way to teach children about the Big Bang Theory, but then they would probably make the evidence disappear. :)

  12. Yummy yummy!

  13. your blog is so the photo, thanks

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