Nature’s Color Explosion (A Slideshow…)

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click for audio (“Woods” by George Winston From His Album “Autumn)

Sources & Credits for these shares (and many other autumn photos) can be accessed with a Tumblr account @ dkfalllights. Thank you Rob Firchau @ The Hammock Papers for the music inspiration.

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  1. These images are so magnificent I just keep watching it trying to catch my favorite..the problem of course is that I have more favorites than not..

  2. Reblogged this on Carlo Favaretti.

  3. Outstanding….now all my computers have new desktop picture for the Fall…Thank you.

  4. Oh the beauty of Fall! Love this.

  5. Even better! Went to watch again and MUSIC. A nice add!

  6. Oh my oh my…every time I think you can’t enhance my morning, you go one step further! Thank you for the beautiful slideshow! Are they your shots? Love the music as well! Going to reblog this one for sure! :)

  7. A beautiful selection of fall colors that take my breath away. It gives me inspiration to go out and shoot more fall colors. I can’t wait! Thanks for sharing on this first day of fall.

  8. Wonderful colours and images, David. Truly breathtaking. I love that long road to the mountains. :)

  9. Those pictures are quite simply stunning. I wish we got such incredible displays of Fall colours here (followed, of course, by our rather milder winters) :)

  10. Stunning! And that is why fall is my favourite season. Colour, colour everywhere. John Burroughs quote jumped out at me. Wonderful way to start Sunday.

  11. overwhelmingly beautiful – thank you – I am writing this as I listen to the music and it is almost as if I am playing the piano – glorious

  12. What a beautiful slideshow. Autumn is my favorite season and this just made me happy.

  13. So beautiful!!!

  14. Thanks for sharing. This is wonderful. It is my favorite time of year. This is one of the few reasons I wish I lived on the east coast. We do not see this level of color change. Great music to pair with it. I will watch again.
    - Michael

  15. FANTASTIC images…and now, now, I am ready to welcome fall, and let summer be safely tucked away for safekeeping for another year.

  16. Mmmm – gorgeous slide show. I see these and my impulse is to run.
    Did you put that together? I tried clicking on the Tumblr source but was denied access.

    • Yes. I gathered these photos from other Tumblr bloggers over the past year. Thanks for the heads up on the link. I had the wrong URL. Try it again – directly from the post (and not WP Reader). It should work now. And, what, not a single mention of the piano music backdrop? Shocked by that Ms. Piano Teacher. Or was it not up to your Chopin standards? :)

      • Hmmmm…. how to say this without sounding like a complete snob?
        I don’t dislike George Winston – I’m just not wild about him. It’s not great music and it’s not particularly well-played. It is really good for what you’ve done here, though – background music, wedding music, lounge music – I’ve played his stuff at all these. Oh dear, that was probably too condescending. Sorry.
        I hesitate to say these things about certain artists (no compunctions about voicing my opinion on those much further down the food chain, though) – I really don’t want to insult anyone’s taste.
        So there it is – you probably nailed it in your last question :)

  17. Outstanding!! Tell Susan great call on the music…it was perfect.

  18. Ahhh, Mother Nature’s ‘coat of many colors.’ How magnificent, with each image more magical than the one before. And George Winston was the *perfect* accompaniment, David. Have I mentioned how much I adore this season?!….. ahhhhh….

  19. Reblogged this on bythelight1973 and commented:
    These photographs remind me that nature has the best color palette imaginable.

  20. Just reblogged this gorgeous post. I hope it calms, soothes and inspires someone. I know it did that for me. Thank you for always trying to bring beauty and laughter into your readers’ world.


  21. Beautiful slide show. So colorful and enchanting is our nature.

  22. Absolutely stunning…just a sheer reminder that even though man builds skyscrapers, constantly pollutes the earth and performs deforestation at a rapid rate, nature will always find a way to keep its head high and survive. Thank you for the post David : )

  23. wicked, David, wicked!

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  25. Martin Robertson says:

    Progression doesn’t begin to convey!

    My heartfelt suggestion?

    Keep directed at displaying things more comprehensively than we’ve ever run across now, nor previously, and perhaps otherwise non disclosed. Said another way, keep it up, move it up, on with the show. ( We vaudevillians never know when to let go, and/or get on with the show! )

    Best regards from,

    Someone you’re beginning to know

  26. Beautiful autumn images.

  27. What an intensely beautiful group of photos! Amazing.

  28. Had such a tough day today, I needed to experience the majestic beauty of nature. Your pictures did the trick. Thank you.

  29. awesome pics. I love them!

  30. Wow, Wow and Wow!! This post just stopped me in my tracks. I am pretty much housebound due to a long-term illness and one of my greatest frustrations has been not being able to go out for walks like I used to. THIS was like being right out there again. Thank you for sharing. Seriously, Thank You :-)

  31. WONDER-ful, I had to reblogged this amazing slightshow immediately. Thank you for sharing it! I like you blog and will follow, “” – inspired me directly. Best regards Katharina

  32. Nature is awesome. Beautiful slideshow! I enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t hear the music with it right now but if I remember, I surely will later on today.


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