A short walk with a good friend

45 seconds to a smile (money back guarantee…)

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  1. Oh the poor little one, he’s chasing his ‘mom’.

  2. You’re right…about the smile.

  3. Ohmagosh, that’s adorable! Duck’s gonna have the last laugh, though, when he learns to fly…. ;-).

  4. Interesting indeed! How did you make friends with the little duck.

  5. So cute!

  6. This is cute, funny, and, in an odd sort of way, inspiring.

  7. Seems to not want to be left alone. Very persistent lilltle guy.

  8. Didn’t even take 45 seconds for a smile. Very cute!

  9. David,

    That’s a great video. It definitely made me smile. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Oh…his poor little legs, he had to run so fast…

  11. You win, you can keep my money! :D

  12. Poor mixed up duck!

  13. Amazing, funny, and concerning. I smiled though.

  14. The duck looked so happy! how cute.

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