Shave much?

I’m average as to time spent shaving (2 min).  I use the minimum number of strokes shaving. (No time to waste.) I’m with the pack on nicks.  Average man takes 200 average strokes to shave…REALLY? And, I want to meet a man that spends 25 minutes shaving with 700 strokes.  This WSJ article goes on to dispel some myths.  Here’s the facts:

  • More blades = Better shave (I believe this…Gillette has me fully brainwashed)
  • Water temperature matters (hot is good) (I believe this…)
  • Pre-Shave routine.  Clean face = better shave (Makes sense…)
  • Use Brush to apply shaving cream (Hmmm.  Not a believer…)
  • Moisturize before shaving to avoid irritation (Come on.  Men don’t use moisturizer before shaving)
  • Toss blades when they are tugging (Forget the blue strip turning white.  Marketing gimmick.  Although it does get into my head.)
  • Go With the Grain (For years, I thought that going against the grain gave you a closer shave.)
  • No cure for nicks (I have a lot of opportunity to practice here.  I will find something.)

    See full article and Video @ WSJ: In Search of the Perfect Shave: Calling out the Myths


  1. I’m surprised at 200 strokes – how large a face are we talkin’ about here??


  2. Ok, not that I can speak to this from firsthand experience, mind you, but I get my honey The Art of Shaving kit:pre-shave oil, a luxuriously rich shaving cream, and an aftershave lotion. He scoffs at the lotion (apparently real men don’t moisturize?), but swears by the pre-shave oil. LOTS fewer nicks and he smells like a beautiful chunk of sandalwood. Just sayin’…. 🙂


    • ROFL. (I also believe pre-shave oil – while unbelievably messy for a man that needs to get done and moving – results in closer shave). As to the smelling like a beautiful chunk of sandalwood, hmmmmm.


  3. Just read that if you wipe off your deodorant stick with a tissue then run a Q-tip over the clean deodorant and apply it to your nick, it will stop the bleeding. While I don’t shave my face (yet), I did try this on a leg nick and it works.


  4. My husband is a firm believer in electric razors. I made the mistake of attempting to get him a new one for Christmas one year (it was on his list). Never again! Apparently the attachment to a certain style even on an electric can run deep. Who knew!


  5. Dave, a beard makes all the difference; most of the time.



  6. My hubby has a beard, but what he does shave on his face only takes a few strokes and it seems to me that he uses a razor forever…no nicks though. He read if you dry the blade after each use it will last longer.


  7. No trouble with my neck, but I wouldn’t want to be a man and have to be trying not to cut my throat every day.Just think what could happen if you were having a bad day?


  8. I just have to add that I don’t understand those movies where the man goes to get a shave in a barber shop. What if the barber was having a bad day. And they use those straight razors. That terrifies me. How do they not have accidents even on a good day when their hands aren’t shaking?


  9. 200 strokes….that’s absurd and I don’t want to meet the man that takes 700!! Gillette Proglide blades, they aren’t cheap but a blade can last couple months. Hot water to soak face and cold water to rinse. Try “styptic” pencil for cuts as it works great on nicks & cuts.


  10. Great article… 200 strokes is insane?!? I would be a bloddy mess. I am a believer in pre-shave oil (Before Shave). Especially since I had to start shaving very day or every other day for work! The brush and hot lather appraoch is ok, but I’m not willing to spend the time to heat up the lather and then use the brush. I’m too lazy…


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