Hump Day: 2 Signs The Week Is Far From Over…



Source: headlikeanorange


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  1. thanks for the smile ;)

  2. Haha. That owl doesn’t seem the least bit fazed.

  3. fantastic, this is cracking me up; if an oh-so-majestic owl getting conked on the noggin shall not be fazed… right?

  4. It’s just another day to the owl.

  5. cutie

  6. Very cute. A smile or a good laugh always gets you over the hump.


  7. lkanigan says:

    Definitely hump day for the owl. I am sure he is wishing it was TGIF!!

  8. I needed to see that owl. I’ve been a bit fazed lately…

  9. Still lots to be done, huh? (Thanks for the laughs on Hump Day–we need them!)

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