Merry Christmas

Good morning and Merry Christmas!  As I was getting up this morning, I crossed paths with the kids who were just going to bed.  Instead of the kids hovering around the tree at 5am waiting for Mom and Dad to get up, there was Zeke…locked in on his Christmas stocking.  (Of course, Zeke has to have his own stocking.  Of course it’s monogrammed with his name.) Our bird hunting dog won’t hunt birds, he won’t retrieve tennis balls, he’s scared of cats and the dark, but that nose knows precisely where his treats are.  He wouldn’t break his stare for the first photo.  And after telling him that he had to wait for Rachel and Eric to get up before he could get at his stocking, his shoulders slumped, he dropped to the floor and cried “no fair.”

So, Zeke and I played loops of Sean Quiqley’s Little Drummer Boy at a HIGH decibel level.  Hoping that the kids would eventually roll out of bed and we can get this party rollin’.

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