Miracle on Ice. Take 2.

Toronto had a 4-1 lead over Boston in the final period.  No team had ever won a Game 7 after trailing by three goals in the third period.  No team, that is, until Boston roared back last night with four goals in 16 minutes, 47 seconds.  Toronto retains a firm grip on a longstanding and dubious distinction – a 44-year drought since winning its last Stanley Cup in 1969.  The picture says it all.  Maple Leaf Fans.  Cursed.  And cursing.  Suffering the agony of defeat yet again.  Baseball anyone?


Source: National Post


Jeff Bauman Boston Marathon victim

“As I sat with my son at the Bruins Playoff game Saturday night, the Boston Garden went dark. A spot light came on as someone wheeled out Jeff Bauman, a 27 year old Boston man who while watching his girlfriend run the Boston Marathon, looked in the eyes of a young man walking past him near the finish line, something did not seem right about him he thought.  A few minutes later the first bomb went off resulting in Jeff losing both his legs.
As Jeff lay in his hospital bed, still in intensive care, a day after the attacks, in so much pain he could not speak, he signaled to his mother for a paper and pen. He wrote “Bag, saw the guy, looked right at me”
This 27 year old ,  days after losing his legs in a horrific tragedy thought about others… The FBI later said his description of the suspects was instrumental in the early identification of the two men.
The human spirit to overcome… Hero defined.”
   ~ Ed O.

Credits: Story – Thank you Ed O for sharing this amazing story.  Image  of Jeff Bauman at Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs in Boston on Saturday: Dailymail.co.uk

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