Thursday Throwback (Way Back)


No one who has not crawled along the galleries beneath a pyramid, and experienced the silence and darkness, can fully appreciate the sensation which, at times, overwhelms one. It may sound fantastic, but I felt that the pyramid had a personality and that his personality was that of the King for whom it was built and which still lingered within it. I know that my workmen, some of whom have spent their whole lives in such work, often experience this feeling. You crawl along some dark corridor on hands and knees, past falls of rock; the light of the lamp gleams on minute crystals in the stratified walls; beyond, the corridor disappears into the blackness.  You turn corners, feeling your way with your hands; the workmen have been left behind, and suddenly you realize you are alone in a place which has not heard a footfall for nearly fifty centuries.

~ Dr. Zakaria Goneim, The Lost Pyramid. 


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