Wally’s Great Adventures (16)

 hello everyone, wally here. what a day. dad said i might think about chillin’ out a bit on sundays, it being sabbath and all. it all started this morning when mom tucked me in with dad after his morning walk. dad skooched me under his arm and i was ready to nap with him when i heard him sniffing. sniff. sniff. sniff. walter, what is that i smell? mom cleaned my bottom after i pooped so it wasn’t me. he pulled me up to his face, and sniffed me again. walter! have you been eating the christmas tree? oh that. dad found sap all over my face and he said i used to be cute now i just look like an idiot. he said he wouldn’t wash it off, and told mom she better not either. and when i’m sniffing dirt outside it was all going to stick to my face and i’d have to walk around dirty and all the other dogs would laugh at me. i barked at dad and said that wasn’t very nice, and said i would lick his face clean if he had shat on it.

then dad took me up to his office while he worked and i went exploring. i smelled juicy things in his trash can, tipped it over to find crumbs in all kinds of wrappers, kit kat bars, hersey almond chocolate bars, snicker bars, and so much other stuff. gees dad, snack much? dad turned around to find me rummaging around and said dont you dare eat that walter. you will die. whoa. a bit of drama, no dad? dad mumbled something about this house being a minefield…i didnt get it.

so dad had enough and took me downstairs when i managed to crawl into the dishwasher when he was eating his breakfast. dad turned around and said Walter, you’re exhausting…dad said that he should just shut me in the dishwasher and have it steam clean that sap off me. i barked at dad and said that sounded like fun. anyhoo, mom has brought the boxes full of Christmas tree ornaments up from the basement. tomorrow is going to be a HUGE day and i need to rest up. good night everyone. Wally and out. 



  1. you really have the best adventures and I can’t understand why dad has to be such a stick in the mud about it. you were just trying to get in the Christmas spirit. sap, nap – what’s wrong with a little bit of rhyming. of course you found the chocolate because you are a great hunter. sounds like you have a great day ahead!

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  2. A dog’s work consists of, sniffing around, getting to know others, play, eat, and, sleep, and, it all repeats again, in the morning…

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  3. Wally, Wally, Wally…you are such an industrious little guy. Like Beth said, Dad needs to lighten up. You’re just exploring your world, and given that you don’t have an opposable thumb, your mouth gets called upon to help with a lot more ‘diggin.’ 😉 Hang in there, little man. Dad may whinge and whine, but he secretly things you’re adorable and glories in your spunk. 💪😂

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  4. Hey little guy, I applaud your curiosity – keep poking around, for it’s the best way to understand your home and all it’s fun places. You are going to have a ball today (pun intended). Wait until you see the final product – you’ll be amazed! Just try to steer clear of the lights, ok? Sign me, your unconditional fan…

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  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    What’s Wally been up to? … take a look!! Sweet!!


  6. Oh, my face hurts from laughing. Just don’t let that little rascal climb into the dryer.


  7. niasunset says:

    Wally you make me laugh… You are doing great and I am sure human dad being proud of you… Thank you, Love, nia

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  8. I love, love, love Wally’s adventures!!! David, you are writing a book, you know?

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