Sully’s Great Adventure (III)

i had trouble getting to sleep last night. my tummy hurt.  could it have been the peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich Grandpa and I shared last night?  or the so-sweet, so-juicy chunks of watermelon. i tried to jump up on the chair at the kitchen table to beg for more, but Grandpa pointed at me and told me to get down as “even he had limits.” i didn’t understand this limit thing because he doesn’t seem to stop snacking.  and when i gave him my sad eyes look, which usually works, he said: “i’m 5x your size, so get down.” so i sat back down on the floor and pouted.

at 2:30 a.m., I had to go poop.  i barked at Grandpa because he wouldn’t get up, and i just couldn’t hold it any longer.  he mumbled “good boy Sully for not pooping on the bed, because Grandpa doesn’t know how to wash the sheets and put new ones on.”

i ran out in the rain and did my business and then came back and cozied up to Grandpa under the sheets. my tummy feels so much better.  i tucked right under Grandpa’s belly, it’s so warm there.  i saw Grandpa was reading something on his phone…now he can’t sleep. maybe he should go outside and go poop too.

i heard Grandpa get up out of bed. wow, i must have fallen asleep for a long time.  Grandpa is putting on my rain jacket. i hate this rain jacket, it is so itchy. i won’t lift my feet because that makes it harder for Grandpa to put the jacket on.  he curses at me, and I bark at him to tell him that it is not nice to curse, and that he curses a lot.

we drive to the park. there are no people here.  Grandpa seems happier when there are no humans around.  it is blustery and raining. the stupid rain jacket is itchy, and it is chafing my armpits because Grandpa doesn’t know how to put my clothes on. i miss Grandma. i hate this rain jacket.

i run up to the point at the park.  there are lots of rocks here and i can smell so many cool things. i hear Grandpa yelling, but then it gets quiet. it has gotten very quiet. it’s not like Grandpa not to be yelling at me every 3 minutes.  i run back up the hill, something is off.

i find Grandpa. he’s flat on his back. i thought he was taking a picture of the sky, and then i heard him moaning. why would he be moaning taking a picture of the sky?  oh, no. i get it now.  Man Down! he looks hurt. it looks like he slipped on the algae on the wet rocks.  i race up to him and give him a bunch of wet kisses. he loves my kisses and they will make him feel better.  he yells at me (again): “get the f*ck off me.” i bark at him again and tell him that isn’t very nice.

Grandpa gets up. he’s moving very slowly, and he’s holding his ribs. i slow down so we can walk together. he says something about “better my ribs than the Canon.” i don’t understand, that doesn’t make sense to me.  we walk down to the beach. i see so many birds. i look back at Grandpa to see if he will let me chase the birds. he doesn’t say anything which means i go.  so i go.  see how i can flush all the birds into the sky. i think the birds love me because they get to flap their wings and fly.

We get home.  Grandpa is at his desk working. And I’m tired of waiting for him to play. He mumbles something about no more play time today as he can’t bend down. I’ll give him an hour or two and try again.

Nap time!

More pictures from this morning’s Cove Island Park walk here.


  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    And the adventures continue … “Grandpa is at his desk working. And I’m tired of waiting for him to play. He mumbles something about no more play time today as he can’t bend down.”

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  2. Oh, dear! Perhaps you best let Grandpa heal before you play some more, Sully.

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  3. Uh oh. That’s a long way down from your height. Hope you aren’t too badly injured. Sully will no doubt kiss it better if you are. Hang in there …

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  4. you are being good team, I hope nothing serious happened. I read your adventures but please be careful, Thank you, have a nice weekend, Love, nia

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  5. Awwwh, and oooooh nooooo! Sully you make an excellent reporter, you merit a crunchy bone. Grandpa has forgotten his age (again) – he now has to suffer the consequences of his foolish behaviour (smile – I don’t really mean that). I’m quite sure he ‘only’ wanted to take photos of the birds, which, eventually, you chased to the skies for him – thank you for your services. Sully please give him some extra time to heal, he’s no longer your age and it takes much longer to recover from a fall. But you could chase some more birds, geese or elephants for him to make life a bit more beautiful right now.
    Best wishes to the ailing Grandpa! Get better sooooooon.

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  6. So-o-o sorry! Looking for a clue on how this may have happened…. Maybe when your kids or dogs go investigating places you wouldn’t, now that you’re no longer 9 years old, let them just go unimpeded. Love your intuitive interpretations across species!

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  7. Sully and his bone! Sully’s just like Jet, they both still sleep under the covers.

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  8. 🤦Oh dear.. slippery rocks + tall bipedals = bad juju, Sully. Quick– tell Grandma that Grandpa needs gelato, stat!

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  9. I was enjoying this tremendously until I read ‘man down’…so first and foremost – are you ok??? I must admit, I am totally in love with Sully’s observations about you, birds, rain jackets and anything else that crosses his radar…and your understanding of him is impressive. There’s a book in this, Dave – I mean it.

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    • Smiling. Easily my worst fall in memory. Ribs bruised on left side. Hopefully not broken. Scary thing is Mimi….I was walking so slowly because I new it was slick and both feet flew out from under me. Frightening how fast life and health can change.

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      • If misery loves company, let me assure you that such disillusionment has become my neighbor as well. Recent shoulder surgery came out of left field, having done nothing to exacerbate an already temperamental autoimmune disorder. The bottom line is that I don’t understand it either – and I’m sorry that you are dealing with such an unpleasant surprise. I hope each day brings some relief from the discomfort and another story with Sully

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  10. Thanks for being such a good friend for grandpa. Be his hot water bottle tonight to help him feel better. Hope it’s just a strain and nothing more!

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  11. DK, I’ve been reading the Sully adventures to the Captain and we both think they are hilarious. Sully is very perceptive! Maybe his hearing is not so good, but he makes a great companion. Can’t wait to hear what he does next.

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  12. Adorable story teller, Sully.
    Please keep going to the Cove with Grandpa.

    DK, hope you’re not hurt!

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  13. Oh no! I feel like I cursed the sleep! Sorry you had a fall DK, hope it’s not serious. Rest up!

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  14. wishing you a speedy recovery. likeyou, I would have been more concerned with my iPhone than myself in such a situation 🙂

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  15. Haha! This is hilarious! And Sully’s ears sticking up above his collar… priceless!

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  16. PS Get well soon. But if you’re looking for sympathy, you shouldn’t be so funny.

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  17. I somehow missed this one. Excellent reporting, Sully. I think you have Grandpa down pat!

    DK… Bloody hell, man. I feel your pain, having taken a fall on the slippery walks recently. I landed on my well-padded behind and ended up with a mega bruise and my hand still hurts… Please be ultra careful as Sully cannot call for help, well… he can if there are people but if no people? No bueno!


  18. David, be sure to make that book a PICTURE book! I was LOL at this sweet post. Thankyou.


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