Sully’s Great Adventure (IV)

Grandpa was moving slowly this morning. i could tell that he didn’t want go to the park. it was so cozy under the covers. i didn’t want to go either.

Grandpa then went pee pee. I sit right in front of him when he’s on the toilet. he said “it would be nice to have a moment or two of privacy” so I just sat there, turned my head so i couldn’t see his private parts, and licked his toes.

Grandpa then stepped on this black thing on the floor. it must be very mean because Grandpa gets so mad at it most mornings. he just keeps staring at the numbers yelling “it just can’t be right.”

we drive to the park.

i get out of the car.  there’s 3 deer eating grass! they have such white, fluffy tails. i felt Grandpa pull on my leash: “there’s no chance I am chasing you all over God’s Creation, not today, no sir.” i was so sad — the deer stared at me wondering when i was going to come and play.

we walk into the park. Grandpa usually walks very fast.  i usually have to move my little feet so fast to keep up.  and he’s constantly yanking on my leash. it’s a good thing i have a thick neck or Grandpa would have detached it from the rest of my body from all the yanking. “Do you have to piss on every f$&cking shrub in the  park?” i look up at him and tell him that my friends wouldn’t know i was here otherwise. but since Grandpa has no friends, i understand why he doesn’t get it.

today, however, i noticed that I’m pulling Grandpa, and he’s moving very slowly.

i go poopie. but it didn’t all come out and it was just hanging there, sort of like a yo-yo. don’t you just hate that? i squatted again, Grandpa stopped, i jiggled my bottom back and forth but it would not come out. i looked up to Grandpa with my sad eyes hoping maybe he could reach down and wipe me. he said “not a chance.” so i scootched my butt on the grass good and hard and fixed it. i was expecting to get yelled at (again) as Grandpa hates it when i do that on the rug in his office.

we get out to the break wall. Grandpa lets me off leash and says “if you don’t come back to me when i call you, you’ll never be off leash again.” so, i walk out on the slippery rocks to the end of the break wall and go exploring. i lose track of time. Grandpa yells for me to come back. he tries to bribe me with treats, but that doesn’t work anymore. and i know, i know, he won’t dare walk out onto these slippery rocks and take pictures laying on his back anymore.  10 minutes later i look out at Grandpa on the beach; he looks like he’s going to explode. i decide i better get back or Grandpa won’t bring me back to the park. Grandpa is muttering something about “the bullshit he has to put up with” as he reaches for my collar to hook on the leash.

i sit very still pretending to listen and make it easy for him to hook my leash to my collar. then, i jerk my neck away, free myself and run around him in a circle on the soft sand on the beach. i do it again and again, staying just out of his reach. Zoomies! this is so much fun!

Grandpa’s standing in place, not even trying to catch me, that’s no fun. “Sully, i swear to God, this is total bullshit. i don’t know how much more of this i can take.” i bark at him and run down the beach staying a few yards ahead of him. i can hear Grandpa muttering. he mutters a lot.

We drive home, and Grandpa doesn’t say a word. He looks Sad. I crawl over to him while he’s driving and sit on his lap to make him feel better.  He pets me and smiles. I know Grandpa loves me even though he yells at me a lot. Mommy is picking me up in 4 days. I will sure miss my morning walks with Grandpa.

Nap time!

More pictures from this morning’s Cove Island Park walk here and more Sully pictures from this morning here.


  1. … but since Grandpa has no friends, i understand why he doesn’t get it.… I completely understand that. As a matter of fact, I’m toying with the outline of a story on just that topic.

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  2. Dot and Lia do the same thing when I let them off-leash in the park. They never come when I call them. In fact, I feel stupid standing in front of the trees calling them. Folks probably think I’m a crazy woman who wishes she had dogs! But we love them. Sigh.

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  3. You’re going to need a vacation after this dog-sitting job. Fun story Loved it.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Aww sleeping do not Disturb, we got this type of breed in our store

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  5. Thanks for teaching grandpa so much, sully. He’s a bit of a slow learner and he’s known as a bit of a mutterer by all of his blogging friends so it’s not you, it’s …..

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  6. Oh my…that Was a hoot! Now, of course…then, not so fun, eh? It can be a challenge, that’s for sure.
    Zeke almost always came when I called him. Course he was an older gent…

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  7. You’re right Sully – he does love you despite the expletives. It’s just your grandpa being your grandpa. He will revert to his lovable old self once your grandma is home and he gets a nap.

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  8. It’ll all be ok, Sully! Grandma is on her way home soon, I hope!

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  9. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Awwww!! Sully is leaving? Aww … “I know Grandpa loves me even though he yells at me a lot. Mommy is picking me up in 4 days. I will sure miss my morning walks with Grandpa.”


  10. This is so funny! And I’m so invested in Sully’s stories.

    Have you read Fifteen Dogs, by André Alexis?

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  11. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Although, I do kind of understand…being Grandma to Daisy when she’s here and all. 🙂 Really! You think that’s bad, try having two of them at one time.

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  12. This is my daily world. I have two of them. They don’t get to go off the lead too often these days…

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  13. Oh, David, there’s a very, very good book in this Sully thing! Please write it!



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