God Found in Ōita!

2:30 a.m. Here we go again.

I’m up. Three days, back to back to back, at this God-awful hour. Three days, standing in bare feet on cool grass, with my camera pointed up, trying to still my hands, trying to still my arms, just trying Still everything damn it, from the shakes — and then, if that’s not enough — my eyes are tracking the moon, aka a bright, yellow blob that is spastically jumping up and down in my viewfinder. So, now I have the shakes and vertigo.  Has to be the lack of sleep. Has to be.

Rattled, I walk to the driveway, slowly, feeling my way through the dark, with jagged stones piercing the souls of my feet. Need to resurface this damn driveway. 

I lay my arms on the roof of the car, and point upward. Why 2:30 a.m., and not 1:30, or 3:30, or even 5 am, like at least 10% of Humans? God, again, only knows, if there is a God. And I’m thinking maybe there is a God, because Someone wants me up to see Something at this hour.

I look back into the viewfinder. Sh*t. This isn’t working.

I place the camera down on the roof of the car, and let my arms rest.  Sky is clear. No risk of missing the shot with cloud cover. Take a minute, re-group and go at it again.

I look up and down the street.  No one else is out in their Jockey sleep shorts, their short-sleeved, white V-Neck, lurking around in bare feet waiting for their hands to stop trembling like a frightened kitten.

I lift my palms and look. Everything appears to be normal, on the surface.

I take a moment to re-check camera settings. Then I move to the lens settings. And here I find that I somehow turned off the automatic image stabilizer. Ha! It’s not me. I just knew it couldn’t have been me.

I snug up tight to the car, the smooth steel, cool against my chest. With the ship now anchored, I lift the camera and point.  And, there, there She is, in all of her Glory.

So there is a God.

Just has to be.

Sitting @ Canon in Ōita, Japan.

Photo – Waning Gibbous Moon (57%). 2:38 a.m. August 19, 2022. 63° F. Cove Island Park, Stamford, CT. More photos from this morning here.


  1. That’s a great shot! A moon shot, haha.

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  2. and well worth the worry )

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  3. Spectacular shot.
    Have you tried the Tonic water yet?

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  4. Whatever it takes, DK

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  5. Ahhh, pal, I know it can be trying, but dear me, despite the trials and tribulations, you always manage to capture La Luna struttin’ her stuff in the most magical way. Color me charmed…..

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  6. She is truly worshipping you, La Luna. Spectacular shot. Well worth the tremble.. .. Let us know if the tonic water helps. Might try that too if…

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  7. My first thought “hmm, got to be the old automatic stabilizer”…🥴. I have to admit to a little giggle at the visual of you in your tidy whities holding a camera…I’m thinking a Griswold moment…teasing you, pal

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  8. Whew! Love that half macaroon photo.

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  9. it’s always nice when we can honestly blame technology for problems.

    and maybe the 2:30 thing is your brain subtly telling you it’s time to make a dentist appointment 🙂

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  1. […] a thin sheen of cloud cover over the moon. Even God found at Ōita couldn’t get a clear shot at this. Elsewhere overhead, the cloud cover is heavy and near […]

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