Walking. Could it be this moment…Could it be…?

55° F.

Soft breeze, a kiss on the cheek. Clouds heavy, but quiet.

Here we are (again), on our daybreak walk at Cove Island Park.  722 consecutive (almost) days. Like in a row.

We’re semi-functioning on 4 hours sleep, maxI can’t sleep.  Near-Dead Man Walking.

I’m at the highest point on the Island, overlooking the expanse of the Sound.

And there it was.

Lori’s Large word: ethereal…So delicate. So light. Lightly Child, Lightly.

“…a light that could be a feeling…”

And the beat of those wings, thrumming inside of me.

“…a sound could be a color”

I’m frozen, eyes locked on the wings…Get the damn camera up Man, get it up!

“…and that heaven could be…this moment…”


You’re going to remember this…


  • Photo: DK @ Cove Island Park, 5:42 a.m. May 12, 2022. More photos from this morning here.
  • Quote: “I hadn’t known that a light could be a feeling and a sound could be a color and a kiss could be both a question and an answer. And that heaven could be the ocean or a person or this moment or something else entirely.” —  Megan MirandaFracture. (Walker Childrens; January 17, 2012) 


  1. niasunset says:

    Beautiful expressions, fascinating me, yours and quotes,… And of course, photographs too, Thank you dear David, Love, nia

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  2. Stunningly beautiful and inspiring post, as always. Thank you so much! 🙂


  3. Beautiful, pal. Your musings brought to mind this Mary Oliver poem….

    by Mary Oliver

    Where the path closed
    down and over,
    through the scumbled leaves,
    fallen branches,
    through the knotted catbrier,
    I kept going. Finally
    I could not
    save my arms
    from thorns; soon
    the mosquitoes
    smelled me, hot
    and wounded, and came
    wheeling and whining.
    And that’s how I came
    to the edge of the pond:
    black and empty
    except for a spindle
    of bleached reeds
    at the far shore
    which, as I looked,
    wrinkled suddenly
    into three egrets – – –
    a shower
    of white fire!
    Even half-asleep they had
    such faith in the world
    that had made them – – –
    tilting through the water,
    unruffled, sure,
    by the laws
    of their faith not logic,
    they opened their wings
    softly and stepped
    over every dark thing.

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  4. Lovely! And again, the blues from your other shots this morn have nailed me. Every good or beautiful thing we see or experience is not only a Gift to us, but is His tabernacle (even that *two-headed* seagull!). We cannot escape His goodwill.

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  5. You got it 💖

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  6. This is the moment…a moment among many that you will remember

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  7. Yes, I would definitely say that it was a moment!

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